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Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Shepherds Visit

Our newest lesson is when the Shepherd's Visit Baby JESUS.    This was a very fun lesson to teach...we had so much fun during class and I am hoping they will remember this lesson for all their life!!!    The KIDDOS should be able to answer all the questions from our DO YOU KNOW? Wall, by the end of the lesson.  

We added a new card to our GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN...timeline.  

We had a NEW word for our WORD WALL!! We use this term a lot though this lesson.  I wanted to make sure these little ones knew what a Shepherd is and does.  

The KIDDOS new Memory Verse is LUKE 2:14. If you would like to hear how the Memory Verse Song goes, click on this link.  Memory Verse Song Luke 2:14 by Ronda Duvall

Our Visual Aid was simple and fun.  I have these Fisher Price Toys and they were PERFECT for this Lesson and the KIDDOS LOVED THEM!!!  


Song By Ronda L. Duvall
We had a new SONG to learn.  I love having a song that goes with each story.  It amazes me how well the KIDDOS remember the lesson when they have a song that goes along with the lesson.   If you would like to hear this song click on the following link.  Shepherd Were In the Field--by Ronda Duvall

We added new QUESTIONS to the KIDDOS "Life Of Christ Questions Cards."  These have made for a wonderful opportunity for our families to review the QUESTIONS from each lesson with their KIDDOS.  

Now to give you a little insight to how my brain works....So, here is the back story about how I decided what to do for a TAKE HOME project for my Kiddos.  You see, I wanted the KIDDOS to have Shepherd's Head Scarves....I even drew it in my PLAN BOOK.  EEK!!!!!

My hubby had a bunch of old shirts he had thrown into a bag---he told me they were not even good enough to donate to our local Goodwill.  I literally squealed with excitement....he, gave me a look like I was absolutely crazy. I seem to get that look a LOT!!!   I explained, quickly, I need those for Bible Class...well, enough said.  He gave me the bag of shirts. :-)  You see, when I was looking at the back of the shirts, I was thinking Shepherd's Head Scarves.  (My husband could not envision it.)  So, I carefully cut the backs of the shirts away from the arms and TA-DA we had the shape of a Shepherd's Head Scarf.  But, how to tie them on to the KIDDOS head.....HUM!!  

Please forgive the selfies...I really do not like having my own picture made....This is about the KIDDOS.  But, sometimes, I have to make sure things are going to work, before having the KIDDOS complete the project 

I decided to buy black elastic headbands at Dollar Tree.  I knew they would go around the KIDDOS heads and hold on the "scarves."  But, I wanted more!!!  Well, my sister had given me a box of random craft supplies....inside the box was a bunch of these colored tubes of material.  They were already sewn together...I was soooo excited!!!  So, we wrapped a tie around each of the headbands and we had our Shepherds Head Scarves!!! 

BUT, every shepherd needs a SHEEP!!!  What to do??    I thought about a paper sack puppet....I thought about a SOCK puppet...But, I wanted the sheep to be able to WALK with the KIDDOS.  So, This is what I came up with.  I had seen a small sheep made from a tissue paper tube.....well, I decided to make mine from poster board!!  We added strings and the handles....this allowed the KIDDOS to WALK their Sheep!!!  They had SOOOOOO much fun  with this TAKE HOME project and the reaction of the parents was amazing!!!

Now that I had several "Shepherds" in my classroom, these little Shepherds  had to go find Baby Jesus, just as the Angel had said, to do.  

This was our REVIEW GAME for this LESSON.  

On the back of each of those cards, that were "hidden" around the room, there is a question "clue" for what to find next.  

The first question was, "Who was Jesus' Parents?"   So, one of the "Shepherds" answered that question and went off to "find" Joseph and Mary.

On the back of Mary and Joseph what the question, "What type of  building was Jesus born in?"  So one of my "Shepherds" had to find the Stable. 

And so on and so forth went the game, until they finally "found" Baby Jesus laying in a manger. 

The KIDDOS had a lot of fun playing this REVIEW GAME!!!   I love REVIEW GAMES....It gives me the opportunity to MAKE sure the KIDDOS really understand the LESSON. 

On our second week of this LESSON the KIDDOS will Review The Lesson, Say their Memory Verse from Memory, and Make their EXPLORER JOURNAL activity.   The KIDDOS will color their page, add 3D star stickers that glitter and 3D sheep stickers...then they will glue on the cotton to give their sheep some FLUFF!!!   

This was an exciting lesson to teach!!!  I love seeing the excitement in the KIDDOS face!!!



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