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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Jesus Was Born in Bethlehem

As we move forward in our study of the Life of Christ we are learning all about JESUS and HIS Birth!!!  This is a fun lesson to teach.  All the KIDDOS were excited about learning about BABY JESUS!!!

This is our DO YOU KNOW? Wall.  These are the questions the KIDDOS should be able to answer at the end of the lesson.  If they know how to answer these questions, I feel they have really LEARNED the information I feel they should know.  

We added a NEW card to our "GOD'S Awesome Plan for Man" timeline.  

We add a new card with each lesson.  This makes a great Review Tool as time progresses!!  It helps the KIDDOS remember the past lessons as we EXPLORER new lessons.  

This lesson brings on NEW Words for the KIDDOS to learn and add to our WORD WALL!!

I promise to get a picture of our WORD WALL as we continue to add more words to the wall.  

Our Memory Verse for this Lesson is Luke 2:7.  The KIDDOS were a little apprehensive since this seems like a long verse....but, once we said it a few times and we SANG it several times...they pretty much had it memorized before leaving class this past Sunday.  Makes a teacher very happy!!!     

We sang this verse to the tune:  "B-I-N-G-O"
To hear the memory verse sang click the following link:  Luke 2:7 Memory Verse

With each lesson I like to have a song that goes along with the story. I truly believe KIDDOS will remember the story better, if they have a song to sing that goes along with the story.  So,  here is this weeks song.  

To hear the song click the following link: Jesus was Born in Bethlehem---by Ronda Duvall

The KIDDOS were excited about their TAKE HOME activity!!!  Each of the KIDDOS received a "manger" and they got to add the hay, wrap the baby in swaddling cloth (this is an old shirt that my hubby was going to throw in the give away, I grabbed it along with several other shirts---future plans!!!) and then lay him in the manger. 

 I pre-made the mangers out of cardboard.  I thought the cardboard gave them a "wood" look.    I glued on the "tongue depressors" with the intent of the KIDDOS getting to color on them with a brown crayon.  However, time did not allow for that....we had a LOT of information to impart to the KIDDOS...and since the "tongue depressors" are tan...I think they were OK uncolored.  

In this picture, I laid a pencil near the manger for a size reference.  I really like how these turned out!!!  The KIDDOS were in LOVE with them!!!  They were so excited to carry these out of class with them!!!  And I must tell you---we found absolutely NO "HAY" laying around the church building....meaning the KIDDOS did not drop any or if they did they stopped and picked it up.  

Our 3D VISUAL AID is  the city of Bethlehem.  It was fun to see the KIDDOS so excited to find BABY JESUS in the stable!!!

I am also using these VISUAL AIDS....I love the details in these pics....and I have them hung next to the area I teach the lesson from....right near my table.  

This weeks REVIEW GAME is a MATCH GAME.  We play this with the KIDDOS drawing a question (based upon today's lesson)  from a bucket...after they answer the question they get the opportuinity to turn over two cards---attempting to make a MATCH!!

Next Week is our REVIEW WEEK:  The KIDDOS will be making these and adding them to their EXPLORER JOURNALS.   I have the "mangers" already glued together and the "stable" already glued to the page.  The KIDDOS will add the hay, Baby JESUS, stable animals, and star.  



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