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Monday, August 11, 2014

"POP" On In To Bible Class Attendance Charts

New Attendance Charts---The KIDDOS will be able to "POP" on in to Bible Class for the NEXT Quarter.      I thought this would be a FUN way to track the KIDDOS attendance.  

I made the KIDDOS POP CORN containers on my computer.  I printed them and then glued them to a back board...I wanted them to be 3D so I gave them a bit of a POP...that way they appear to be rising off the back boards.  

I bought the sticker...although they were NOT stickers when I bought them.  I had to run them through my sticker making machine.  

I bought this cutout set at our local Mardel.

I LOVE the way these colors POP!!!  I think this will be an EXCITING way to TRACK the KIDDOS attendance.  

Oh, BTW...the POP CORN stickers are stored in the POP CORN bag hanging to the right of the bulletin board.  :-)  



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