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Monday, April 21, 2014

Paul's First Missionary Journey Ronda Duvall

I recently had an opportunity to write a NEW TESTAMENT song!!  I am so excited!!! 

The 2nd-4th grade class is studying Paul's Missionary Journeys.  (My son is in this class!!)  

The teacher sent home a note with a list of all the cities Paul and his companions visited on their FIRST JOURNEY.    She requested that the KIDDOS MEMORIZE the cities, in order, that they stopped and preached at....this is not an easy task...those cities names are really NOT easy to say.  

So, as I was going over the cities with my son, this song just sort of spilled out. I was very excited!!!  My son was super excited...he was able to memorize the cities, in order really quickly!!      

Since I am not teaching through the NEW TESTAMENT, at this time....I feel blessed with the opportunity to write a song about NEW TESTAMENT EVENTS!!!  
If you would like to hear the song click on the following will open up the Facebook page for Hands On Bible Teacher.  



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