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Friday, February 14, 2014

Adam & Eve Sin and Concequeces

We are moving right along in our study of Genesis.  The KIDDOS are enjoying Exploring the Book of Genesis.  This week we will be learning about Adam and Eve's SIN and the consequences of their sin.  

This is our DO YOU KNOW? wall.  In my opinion when the KIDDOS can answer these Who? What? When? Where? Where? Why? and How is this important to me? questions then they have a real grasp on the lesson.  

We have a new card to add to our GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN timeline.

We have a new word for our WORD WALL.  I want the KIDDOS to understand the meaning of the word SLY.    Since I will be using this word during the story as a description of the serpent.  

The KIDDOS memory verse is James 4:19.  We will sing it to the tune:  "Ten Little Indians."

The KIDDOS  TAKE HOME project is this spiral serpent. They will color it, cut it out, add a tongue and an eye.  

The KIDDOS Review Game is simple.  They will get to PICK a piece of fruit from the tree...and then answer the question.  

I purchased the fruit at Hobby Lobby a LOOONG time ago.  I made the tree by printing out a poster size clipart from Printmaster.  I then printed out questions on sticker paper and attached the questions to the various fruits. The fruit is attached to the tree with Velcro dots.    

Oh, that snake---it is a PET toy and came from Dollar Tree.  I have had it for a long, I do not know if they still have them there or not....I will try to check and see if they still have them the next time I am at Dollar Tree. 

 I enjoy having items for the KIDDOS to place in our GOD AWESOME PLAN boxes....This week they will be adding a snake....This way when we REVIEW the book of Genesis---when I get the snake out they will be able to tell me WHAT event the snake represents.  Of course, I will teach them that it represent the FALL of ADAM and EVE...The CONSEQUENCES of SIN... and a WARNING of SATAN'S SLYNESS.  

Next week will be our REVIEW week.    The KIDDOS will be doing this activity to add to their EXPLORER JOURNAL.    They will color the picture, add the SUN and FLOWER stickers and the SERPENT in the tree.    The KIDDOS will get to choose their FLOWERS and the color of their serpent. 

I hope you can see the 3D flower sticker and sun.  I think the KIDDOS will LOVE making these.  

This is a SAD lesson for me to teach...however, there are so many important LESSONS for the KIDDOS to learn.  They  must learn to OBEY GOD.  They must learn that GOD KNOWS EVERYTHING.  They must learn that LYING never solves anything. They must learn that BLAMING others is NOT acceptable.   They must learn that SIN has CONSEQUENCES.  My prayer is they will learn and apply these concepts.  




  1. Love the spiral serpent. Do you have a printable for it?

  2. I have never had a difficult time in believing that I was born with sin. I did not have to be taught to lie, steal, cheat or to be selfish. I have had to fight these traits from the time I remember. I never had to teach my children to be "bad", but I did need to mold them into the likeness of Christ as best as I could. I enjoyed all the thought that you put into your response. K

  3. Do you have a printable for the spiral snake? I love that! Thanks! Sarah

  4. Where did you find the coloring page?

  5. I'm interested in the spiral snake, as well. Any replies??

  6. Please, share the snake craft with the bible verse on it!

  7. I'm in line for spiral template!