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Friday, May 10, 2013

Joel Prophesied In Judah --- Locust in Judah

We are moving forward with our EXPLORING BIBLE HISTORY.    Are next lesson is about Joel prophesying in the land of Judah.     

I am sure you know the history to this lessonThere was a terrible PLAGUE of LOCUST in the Land of Judah.    Joel told the people of JUDAH that the PLAGUE was NO ACCIDENT.  They had NOT been obeying GOD and they were suffering for their disobedience.      So much for the KIDDOS to learn...both the HISTORY and the APPLICATION.  We MUST obey GOD!!! 

The KIDDOS will have three new WORDS for the WORD WALL.  I want to make sure they UNDERSTAND what all three of these words mean.....So, I will explain the words and then have them HELP me use them in a sentence. 

 We have a NEW CARD to add to our "GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN" timeline.  

This is our MEMORY VERSE for this week.  This verse comes directly from the text our lesson comes from.    We will 'sing' this memory verse several times before class time is over. (BELOW is a video highlighting our TAKE HOME project.  The MEMORY VERSE is being sung in the video.) 

I decided the best VISUAL would be to have a "SWARM of LOCUST" in our classroom.  I printed SEVERAL clip art Locust/Grasshoppers and cut them out.   Then set them up all over the floor of the classroom.  (Leaving enough room for the KIDDOS to be able to carefully navigate through the locust...when they come into the classroom.)

The KIDDOS have a new song to learn!!!  I  was blessed to write this song during our trip to Florida this past February.  I sang it SEVERAL times in the car.   Matter-Of-Fact, I sang it so many times, my husband was able to sing it.  :-) 

If you follow this LINK you will be able to hear how this song goes. 

I decided that the KIDDOS would make a "LOCUST" for their TAKE HOME project.   I printed the MEMORY VERSE on the wing.  That way not only is a Locust, but a Locust with a purpose.     I think it turned out cute.  

I have them all "put together"---except the heads and eyes.  The KIDDOS will glue the head and eyes on during class time. If time permits the KIDDOS will be allowed to color their Locust, too. 

Then the KIDDOS  will glue their "LOCUST" to a PAINT PADDLE.  Adding it to the paint paddle turns it into a type of PUPPET.    ---I will have the KIDDOS sing their Memory Verse while moving their "LOCUST" around!!

 Below is a video of the LOCUST moving about as I sang the Memory Verse. 


This game will be played by the KIDDOS rolling a die, pulling a question card, if they answer the question correctly they get to MOVE their "LOCUST" ahead the number of spaces that they rolled.  

If the LOCUST lands on a plant...they miss a turn.  After all the LOCUST love to eat plants. 

The object of the game is to move  the LOCUST from the start line down to the growing CROPS!!! 

(BTW, I made the LOCUST GAME pieces from CLIP ART, Binder Clips --with the silver parts removed and Avery Color Dot Stickers.) EASY to assemble. 

Next week we will review this lesson.  The KIDDOS will add this project to their 
EXPLORER JOURNAL.  The KIDDOS will COLOR the "CROPS" and then add  LOCUST.  I bought the Stickers and  LOCUST at the DOLLAR TREE.  The stickers were found in the School Supply area.  The 3D Locust/Grasshopper came in a package of BUGS.  I found them in the toys. 

I think this is going to be an exciting lesson.  I know I am excited about teaching it this Sunday.  




  1. Can I get a copy of the locust? Or where do I find it?? Thanks

  2. Can I get a copy of the locust? or Where do I find it? Thanks