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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Joash Repairs The Temple

This week we have a NEW lesson for the KIDDOS.  We are going to be learning about Joash wants to repair the Temple of GOD.      

We have new Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? Cards.  

We have a NEW card to add to our "GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN" wall. 

The KIDDOS will have a NEW Memory Verse for this week...We will sing it to the tune:  "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow."

We have a NEW word for our WORD WALL!  I figure some of my KIDDOS will know this word..But, just in case, I decided to add it to our WORD WALL. 

This week I will be using these FUN VISUALS for telling the story.  I have purchased the CD from     I would suggest buying the allows you to COLOR them yourself or print them out in black and white and let the KIDDOS color them!!!   (I am in NO way affiliated with the cool clip art company.  I do not receive any PERKS, COMPENSATION or RECOGNITION by mentioning this clip art company...I only post a link so that my readers might be able to find the items I use.)

I did MANIPULATE these a bit....The GIRLS are supposed to be holding an Oil Lamp...I just covered the LAMPS up with MONEY.    I printed the money from PRINTMASTER, laminated and cut them out.  I then attached the money over the "OIL LAMP" gluing them on with GLUE DOTS.  (I love the 3D effect!!!)

I did the same thing to the hands on the men.  I printed out SMALL money and attached it to their hands!  To give the MONEY more interest, I folded and bent areas, so that the MONEY would look 3D.  

I made the CHEST out of a RANDOM box that we had in the church RESOURCE ROOM.  That is why I save UNIQUE BOXES.  :-)   I added some play money to the top of the, that it looks to be falling into the chest. 

These visuals will be very handy when I tell the KIDDOS the story.  

We have a NEW Song to learn!!!  This song is sung to the TRADITIONAL Reuben, Reuben nursery rhyme song.

Since Joash had a special CHEST built and it is such and important part of this Bible Story...I could not think of a  better  "TAKE HOME" activity...So, we will make a CHEST. 

I purchased these little wooded CHESTS at the DOLLAR TREE.  They are made from extremely light wood...and my WONDERFUL HUBBY cut the SLOTS in the tops!!! 

I WROTE the WORDS, "BE A CHEERFUL GIVER. 1 Corinthians 9:7" on each CHEST.  I used SHARPIE MARKER. 

I was pleased that the marker did not "bleed" when coloring over the words with a different color marker.  (I did allow the Marker to Fully Dry...before coloring over it.)   The KIDDOS will be COLORING their CHEST during class time.   This means the KIDDOS will get to use, I will be giving my Proper Use of Markers SPEECH.  :-)

I drew a BIBLE on the top of MY Chest...However, I am going to let the KIDDOS decorate their Chests any way they chose.    

I am using a Bingo Marker to show the idea of putting money into the chest....Can you believe I did NOT have any change with me the day I took these pics.  :-)   I am hoping that the KIDDOS will use these to COLLECT their GIVING MONEY in...and then they can bring their CONTRIBUTION with them on Sundays.  


Our REVIEW GAME for this LESSON is based upon the idea of REPAIRING the Temple. 

This is how the KIDDOS will play this game.  

First:  The KIDDOS will answer a question from the LESSON.

Second:  By answering the question correctly they get a "COIN."

Third:  They will "GIVE" the coin to the "REPAIRING The Temple fund."  (Place the COIN into the Collection Chest on the Board.)

Fourth:  They get to PICK a piece of the Temple to Place on the board.  (There is velcro dots on the that the pieces will STICK in place.)

Next week we will REVIEW this lesson and the KIDDOS will make their EXPLORER JOURNAL Activity.  For this ACTIVITY the KIDDOS will REPAIR the TEMPLE. 

 Look at this CRUMBLING TEMPLE.  The KIDDOS will color this first...then they will get the PIECES to REPAIR the TEMPLE.  Again, we are using VELCRO dots to attach the REPAIRS.  (BTW, when I use velcro dots for projects like this---I ALWAYS cut them in half.  A half a dot works perfectly FINE for this!!!  And it helps keep COSTS down,)

Now the TEMPLE is REPAIRED!!!  (The KIDDOS will be able to pull the REPAIRS off and put them back on---SO, when they tell their family the story they will have a wonderful VISUAL in their EXPLORER JOURNAL.


Hope you enjoyed peeking into what the KIDDOS will be learning about the next two weeks. 




  1. You have awesome ideas ! Thank you for sharing :-)

  2. I would really like to use some of your ideas in my Sunday school class. I go to a small church and finding things that are this good is hard to find. can you email me the items used in your rebuilding the temple review game. this will work out great with my class. my email is

  3. I need the same thing as the above person (items used in your rebuilding the temple review game). Could you help me out with that please.

  4. Hello! You have many great and interesting ideas here. Can you also email me the rebuilding temple review game? My email is Thanks!

  5. Thank you for this neat idea. Where can I get the template for the temples (both).