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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Song for Jehoshaphat!!! Yes, I am excited!!!!!

Sometimes, thing work and sometimes they don't.  This week I was plagued by ONE BIG THING.  I did not have a song for King Jehoshaphat!!!  :-(  

How could that be????  I always want a song to go along with the lesson...I feel it REALLY helps the KIDDOS remember the story. 

So, I pondered.....My brain tossed about several tunes...I rearranged words...I was just NOT HAPPY with anything I was coming up, I left it alone...thinking, (insert sad dramatic sigh) "well, we just wont have a song to go with this particular Bible Lesson."

But, today was a NEW day.  With everything ready for tomorrow (except the song) I spent most of the day fulfilling needs for my family.  You know the type that involves GROCERY SHOPPING.  :-) 

But, as I shopped I found myself humming this tune over and over again.  Apparently, I was humming it so much that my wonderful husband began whistling the same tune.  It was really  quite funny!! 

So, after the groceries were put away, I began putting the words together.  I am VERY happy with how it all came together....I can't wait to sing it with the KIDDOS tomorrow morning. 

Normally, I do NOT like accomplishing things for Bible Class---LAST MINUTE---but, I was happy with this!! 

If you would LIKE to hear this can hit the play button.  I had to turn my speakers down---it seems really loud to me. 



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