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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

REVIEW WEEK---Milk Carton Chute

Our Review Week is coming up soon.  We ALWAYS have a BIG REVIEW at the end of a QUARTER.  I normally PULL out something from each PAST lesson to display on REVIEW SUNDAY.  I will post pics of our REVIEW SUNDAY soon. 

But, in preparation for REVIEW Sunday, I made a simple and yet FUN Review Game for the KIDDOS.  I was reminded about these easy to make Card Chutes while cruisin on Pinterest.  I had FORGOTTEN all about these...  The funny thing is, I remember making these way back when I was in the Third Grade.  (Thank to Mrs. McMillan.)  When we made these were used them to practice our Times Tables!!!  However, we will be using THIS Milk Carton Card Chute to Review Bible Questions on the First Three Kings of Israel! 

The construction of this is fairly easy...and if you are a follower on Pinterest just look at my board on Bible Class...I pinned the instructions on the construction of the Chute there.  To make the chute you will need, a Carton, Cardstock, and Tape or Glue.  You can cover your Chute with Paper, Duct Tape, Paint, Contact Paper, etc. Then print out or hand write your QUESTION cards.  Making sure the cards will fit through the chute.  I hand wrote the answers on the back of each card with a sharpie...I have not mastered the double sided printing thing to well, yet!!  :)

BTW, I think this would make a great EAA.

To use this REVIEW Game I let the children "draw" a card from the box....then they had to tell me the it in the Chute and see if they were right.  If they did not know the answer then all the KIDDOS would "help" the one that did not know the answer...and then check to see if they were correct.  The KIDDOS love any type of REVIEW that is NOT just me asking questions...and this seems to give them OWNERSHIP of their REVIEW...They pull the question card.  They answer.  They check.  (I do have to help with reading the cards for my KIDDOS that are not reading yet.)

Another GREAT thing about this REVIEW GAME.....My family is taking a VACATION!!!!  We are going to Myrtle Beach, SC.  This makes an EASY GAME for my substitute teacher to play with the KIDDOS.  Plus there are TONS of REVIEW Questions.  I love REVIEWS that are fun...and they help me know if the KIDDOS are MISSING anything from their understanding of past lessons.  It is a great way to show me what I need to "RECOVER," "REEXPLAIN," or "REEMPHASIZE,"  before we MOVE on to "NEW" material.

How this works:  Put Card in top of Chute....And it will SLIDE out the bottom with the Answer Showing.

The View From The Back Deck of My Father-In-Laws Home
While posting this I am sitting in the Mountains of North Carolina.  Spending a bit of time with my husband's family.  It is BEAUTIFUL here....The mountains are GLORIOUS, the SKY is so BLUE and the STARS seem so close I could almost REACH out and touch them.  GOD'S creation is AMAZING!!!!!! 

Hope you are having a WONDERFUL Summer. 




  1. But where's a link to follow you on pinterest?

  2. I will have to figure that one out....Look for Ronda Duvall on Pinterest....Bible Class Ideas

    1. Here's the link for your pinterest boards, that's how people can click on you to follow:
      or you can share the specific board:

      Here's mine if you want, I've got a bunch of your stuff pinned on my Bible boards:

  3. I really enjoy this blog !
    Where did you get all of those wonderful printables here ?

  4. I don't have them printable yet....we are working on that for the future.

  5. I made mine today. The kids loved it in class.

  6. YAY!!!! Diana, my KIDDOS want to do this one over and over again. Something so simple has seemed to excite them very much. I am thinking ahead...this would be really fun for the Plan of Salvation. Using the idea of "Milk Of The Word." Then have each step of salvation on a card with matching verse on back.