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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fruit of the Spirit

Today was the beginning of a NEW Quarter for my students.  With a new quarter....we are beginning new material.  

Our Theme for the Quarter....I LOVE the bright colors.
We are EXPLORING the FRUIT of THE SPIRIT from Galatians 5.   The kiddos were so excited to see all the NEW items in the classroom.  I even had one little girl asking her mom if she would get to have NEW MEMORY VERSES with the new material.  I love it when the little ones want to memorize GOD'S WORD.  

Since our we are learning through EXPLORING BIBLE HISTORY, we will continue to use the Who? What? When? Where? Where? Why? and How does it effect us? Method.  
Who? What? When? Where? Where? Why? & How? WALL
Our WHO? was--Apostle Paul and the Christians living in Galatia.
Our WHAT? was-- That Paul LOVES the Christians in Galatia.  Paul wanted them to know that GOD had done them a BIG FAVOR (GRACE) by sending JESUS to die for their sins.   God wanted the Christians to have a HAPPY life....and a Happy life come though have the qualities of the FRUIT of THE SPIRIT.
Our WHEN? was--Christian Dispensation.
Our WHERE? was--Ephesus/Corinth (possibly where Paul was when he wrote the letter.)  GALATIA.
Our WHERE? in the Bible is the story found? was-- New Testament/Galatians.
Our WHY? was-- God wants Christians to behave in a godly way.  HE wants us to love others.  He wants us to feel joy.  He wants us to be peaceful, patience, kind, good, gentle, and in control of our self.  God knows if we live this way we will be happier and make others happier too.
Our How does this effect us? was--We must make sure to be living the way GOD wants us to live.  We must make sure we are always BEARING THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT.  We must have all these qualities in our life every day.  

This is one of the NEW items on the wall in our classroom.  It is a large laminated poster that has interchangeable (via velcro) cards that have the FRUIT of THE SPIRIT on them.  We will have one up for the week that we are learning about that attribute.   There is a small picture that represents the attribute....that will help the little ones "SEE" the attribute in a visual way.  

The Kiddos "Take Home" Activity was a smaller version of the BIG poster....They colored each of the pictures on the Attribute cards...we added the velcro dots, so that the kiddos can take it home and review each attribute with their parents.  I LOVE it when kiddos are able to review their BIBLE lesson with their parents in a fun and exciting way.  THEY LOVED making these...and were sooo excited about taking them home and sharing with their family.  I added a pocket to the back so that there would be a place to store all their attribute cards.

This is our NEW Memory Verse Card.  The kiddos colored their card in class...and they ALL had it memorized before leaving the classroom...that just makes me smile.

We added pieces to our interactive map.  We added "CORINTH"  and "Galatia."  "Ephesus" was on their from last quarters, Armor of God study.  

The kiddos will be making these FRUIT BASKETS on Wednesday Evening.  They will be going into their "EXPLORER JOURNAL."  The baskets are really 3D and pop up off the back of the page.  I really need to take an extra pic. to show how cute they really are.  
I finally took a pic to show  the 3D.

One of the NEW VISUALS I have in the Classroom....We will be using this as a REVIEW lesson in the future.  The BIBLE is opened up to Galatians chapter 5.

This is a "Fruit of The Spirit" homemade book.  I made this from an OLD visual aid.  It used to be posters....But, I cut it up and put each attribute on its OWN page...and now when we SING our FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT song...we can use this book to look at each attribute in action.  This morning I spent a lot of time going over the list of attributes that make up the Fruit of The Spirit....and this book really helped keep the kiddos attention....I LOVE re-purposing old material.

As a REVIEW Game we played a Question Game that involved putting a puzzle together.  The puzzle is made from a laminated Fruit of the Spirit Picture that I had printed from my computer.  I then cut it out in a PUZZLE shape and added magnet strips to the back....I placed it on my magnetic board (I LOVE my magnetic board) all mixed up.  The children answered a question from the lesson...then had the opportunity to  place a piece of the puzzle in the correct placement.  They REALLY enjoyed doing, I will definitely be thinking of other "Puzzle Review Games" we can play in the future.

Hope you are enjoying teaching Bible Classes....Remember you are teaching precious little souls--LIFE CHANGING MATERIAL!!!




  1. Hello,
    I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all the wonderful ideas you have provided through your blog. I am a fellow teacher at a church, and I have a passion for teaching children the word of God through fun and creative methods. I recently came upon your blog as I was searching for ideas for a seminar,that my Sunday school director urged me to prepare. Some of the children in our program seem to be losing interest in attending the classes. I hope to encourage the teachers, as you did.I was wondering if there was anyway I could obtain the booklet you prepared for this event, it seems like a really good resource filled with creative ideas and I am willing to purchase it, if it up for sale. Please let me know if you are willing, it would of great help.
    thank you,

  2. What an awesome unit you put together! I'm looking for ideas to incorporate in a poetry unit for 1st and 2nd graders and thought the Fruit of the Spirit would be a great place to start. Thank you for all these wonderful ideas, especially the bible verses! It will help tremendously as I plan my poetry unit!

  3. Hello, You have some awesome materials to help with teaching kids and I was wondering if you have any of the booklets or pages available to be printed or purchased?

  4. Hello I am also Interested In printing or purchasing the pages or templates from you.