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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wednesday's Explorer Journal Activity for Rahab

This Wednesday the children will be doing the review of the lesson on Rahab and they will do the activity for the Explorer Journal. We had a wonderful class period on Sunday. We had all my students there plus a visitor. I am glad the are all healthy. Hopefully, with the end of winter approaching the children will all stay well.

The kiddos were really into the lesson...I think they love the idea of being a spy! :-) They seem to really get into the fact that the Canaanites feared the Israelites!! They understand with God on our side we will always WIN!!!

The Explorer Journal Activity is a house with a flip top roof....under the roof is the spies....they will add the "flax" to hide the spies. I know they will LOVE this activity.

The kiddos will also be adding a piece to their Memory Verse Map. I know they will all have it memorized by Wednesday.

They loved the "Spies Escape" game... So, they will play it again. They will answer questions from the lesson in order to get to move the spies down the wall.

Hope you are having a wonderful week.




  1. What are you using for the flax?

  2. Is there an activity sheet that should be attached or a pdf file to view - for others to use this? The pictures are great, but not usable.

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