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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Working on the 10 Plagues

To day has been an extremely busy day. I have been working on the lesson about the 10 Plagues that I will be teaching on Sunday. I am so excited about this lesson (I seem to be that way with each lesson.) and I know the children will find it exciting too.

We are going to point out the need to NEVER HARDEN OUR HEARTS TOWARDS GOD. The kiddos will be learning all 10 Plagues. They will be learning how stubbornness towards God is NEVER a good choice to make.

Their TAKE HOME ACTIVITY this week is an Egyptian Pyramid with Plagues included. The Painting of the Pyramids has been done for them.....Now they will have to attach the Plagues to the Pyramids....I am using velcro dots for this. That way they can take the Plagues off the outside of the Pyramid and store them on the inside. We will sing the song a few times...and add the correct Plague to the Pyramid as we sing about that Plague.

*This TAKE HOME ACTIVITY was made using a pattern of a Kleneex box. I had bought a few at Target during the spring. When I could not find any more to purchase, I diassembled one and used it as a pattern to make the Pyramids. I made the Pyramids out of Poster Board. I then painted the Pyramids with Terra Cotta colored paint. 3 coats....The PLAGUES are added with velcro dots. That way the PLAGUES can be stored inside the Pyramid. The 3D Plagues (locust, hail, cows, frogs, flies, etc.) were items purchased at the Dollar Tree, hobby stores, party store, and such. For some of the plagues I printed out pictures and laminated them for sturdiness. This is a fairly easy project to make. Tracing, cutting, assembling and painting the Pyramid was the most time consuming, But, once you get the first one done it seems to become easier. START EARLY. This is NOT a SATURDAY night before class type project.

I want my students to realize that God ALL POWERFUL....I want them to learn that no matter your station in life God's Word is ALL Authority. I am looking foward to this next Sunday.

Enjoying Being a Bible Class Teacher,


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