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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Memory Verse "REWARD"

I was THRILLED to find these are the Dollar Tree!!!  AND, I will NOT be using them for a BABY SHOWER!!!  :-)  I will be using them for our NEWEST way to TRACK our MEMORY VERSES.  

I know you are probably thinking I am a bit crazy....but, let me explain...

You see, I had an ABUNDANCE of PONY beads...and I do mean an ABUNDANCE!!!!

I had some metal shower curtain hooks that I picked up out of a "FREE" box at a Garage Sale....and I wanted to combine the two....BUT, I wanted MORE!!!!

Well, I ran into Dollar Tree looking for some TINY CHAIRS...YES, I FOUND THEM!!! (Watch for them to be in a future post!!!)   But, that is when I spotted these!!!!  I thought they would give the Memory Verse Bead Rings the Extra Touch I was wanting.  So, I quickly tossed 6 of these sweet little pins into my cart.  Pink for the Girls and Blue for the Boys!!!  PERFECT!!!

I printed out the circles that say, "I Said My Memory Verse."  I made them up on the computer.  I cut them out and then ran them through my sticker making machine.  Then just STUCK them to the front of the pins.  

Then I used my hole punch and punched a hole in the ribbon and ran the hook right through the hole....If they begin to weaken around the hole...I can just drop a bit of hot glue on the hole...problem solved.  

So, each week, when the KIDDOS say their Memory Verse...they will get to add a Pony Bead to their Shower Hook!!!!  I gave the KIDDOS  a preview of this on this past Sunday....THEY WERE BEYOND EXCITED!!!!!!   All that excitement over a BEAD on a Shower Hook!!!  But, if helps me motivate them to Memorize the Scriptures....then I am THRILLED!!!!!

To DISPLAY these, I decided to KEEP the original DISPLAY card that they came on...I just PRINTED out the KIDDO'S Names, using a colorful/fun FONT and attached it to the front of the card with wide wide a hole and hung them on the back of their chairs.  They will be convenient  for the KIDDOS to get and add their bead.  I do have a few that do not have a name on them...I always make a few extra...because, I always plan for GROWTH.  :-)

These hooks are always on their chairs...the KIDDOS will hang their BIBLE CLASS bag on them....They are Command Hooks and are soooo easy to attach or take off the chairs.  

Simple things make KIDDOS so happy!!!!  My goal is to get them to LOVE MEMORIZING GOD'S WORD!!!  I want it embedded in their HEARTS!!!!!



Kings of the Divided Nations

I wanted to share with you the FINISHED product!!!  Remember, I showed you those CROWN DOOR HANGERS, that I had found at the Dollar Tree.....Well, this is what I ended up doing with them!!! 

I took a SMILY FACE/FROWNY FACE and hot glued it to the back...that way the KIDDOS would know if the King was a "GOOD/RIGHTEOUS" King or a "BAD/UNRIGHTEOUS" King.   

Then I hot glued a Information Card on the front....Name of KING.  How long he served as King.  Interesting facts about the King.  Scripture references to that King.  ETC.


This is the set for the Kings of Judah.  I wanted the GOOD Kings to stand I used the BLUE and YELLOW door hangers just for them.  I also wanted to make sure that the only queen of Judah stood I made her out of the PURPLE door hanger.  All of the wicked Kings were made from the PINK, ORANGE and GREEN door hangers. 

For the Kings of Israel---sadly---there were NO RIGHTEOUS KINGS.  So they are all made fromm the PINK, ORANGE, and GREEN Door Hangers. 

Please remember I teach the PRE-K-1st Graders...SO, I did add a "J" or "I" to the KINGS crown....That way it will be easier for the KIDDOS to determine whether they have a KING of ISRAEL or a KING of JUDAH.  I think this will also help with CLEAN UP time.  

This is how we will use these:  

As a SORTING GAME...I will read the name and information on the card...and the KIDDOS will have to put the KINGS in the RIGHT CASTLE.    
As an ORDINAL GAME...Since we sing a song that tells the KINGS in order...we will place them in the CASTLES in the correct order.  
As a REVIEW GAME...I will tell the KIDDOS the name of the KING....they tell me what they KNOW about that KING.  (GODLY/UNGODLY, JUDAH/ISRAEL, or anything else they remember....)  Then they get to put the KING in the correct Castle. 

By the way...the CASTLES are made from Kleenex  boxes.  (This is WHY I save STRANGE things!!)    I just cut the top off.  Cut out a CASTLE FRONT.  Spray Painted them with some leftover paint.  The details were drawn on with a Sharpie.  Great for the games----GREAT FOR STORAGE! 

 Ready for SUNDAY!!!!    I LOVE it when I find something at the DOLLAR TREE and I am able to USE it to teach Bible Class!!!!  Bright and Colorful!!!!  KIDDO Friendly!!!!  Very Economical!!!!  (For every $1.00 you get 3 door hangers!!! And, the Tissue Boxes were FREE!!!)



Friday, October 19, 2012

Elisha and the Widow

This weeks lesson is focusing on some of the miracles Elisha performs.  We will quickly cover the miracle when Elisha healed the water at Jericho...but our MAIN focus of the lesson will be when Elisha helps the widow...this story comes from 2 Kings 4.  

We will add the WORD Debt to our WORD WALL!! Since, I will talk about DEBT....what is DEBT and how we are to handle DEBT.    I know the KIDDOS are YOUNG...but, I believe we need to talk about the IMPORTANT TOPICS all though out their lives.

I also want to FOCUS the KIDDOS on to the fact that even though Elisha has performed this miracle...the WOMAN had to WORK!!  She had to collect the JARS.  She had to POUR the oil into the jars.  She had to go to the market to SELL the oil.  I love that this story shows that GOD always wants us to DO OUR PART!!!!    We will add this CARD to our GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN...timeline.  

 This week our MEMORY VERSE comes from 1 Chronicles 16:11-12. 
 I have a TUNE for this memory verse...but, it is a "RONDA ORIGINAL" tune...or as my 8 year old son says..."It's an unrecognizable tune, mom."  

Nearing the end of this lesson we will briefly touch on the fact that Elisha will travel to, we will add Shunem to our MAP.  

The KIDDOS TAKE HOME project was a WEE bit of a challenge for me....  I knew parents would NOT appreciate me sending the KIDDOS home with a bottle of OLIVE, what was I going to do????   

I decided to focus the KIDDOS on the fact that GOD BLESSED the WIDOW with WHAT SHE NEEDED.   And, GOD BLESSES US WITH WHAT WE NEED TOO!!!!!  

But, I wanted to use a JAR...because, after all, it  went along with the story.  I knew I did not want GLASS jars (because, I want the KIDDOS to be able to touch and "PLAY" with their TAKE HOME.)   So, off to the DOLLAR TREE I went.  

This is WHAT I came up with.... Dollar Tree currently has these plastic jars filled with "RITZ" style crackers....SO, YES, my family will be EATING these RANCH FLAVORED CRACKERS for MONTHS!!!!    I wanted the JARS...and if my family can get a SNACK out of my need for plastic JARS...WELL, I count that as a BLESSING.  :-)

So, this is what my KIDDOS will be doing with these JARS.  We are going to make "I SPY GOD'S BLESSINGS!" Jars.  We will be placing, "EVERY DAY" items that are BLESSINGS from GOD, in the JARS and then filling them with RICE.  The RICE is what makes them an "I SPY" Jar.  If you are confused...JUST keep looking at the PICTURES....They will HELP EXPLAIN.  

Each KIDDO will get these items....they do very in color...and I do have GIRLS and BOYS themed bags.  BUT, each baggie has a tiny BIBLE,  a FAMILY picture, a Monopoly HOUSE, 5 RED HEARTS,  A BOY or GIRL (CLOTHING), SHOES or COWBOY BOOTS for boys, a JACK and TOP, ANIMALS, FLOWERS, SILVER STARS, GLITTERED MOON, FRUIT (FOOD), GLITTERED SUN,  RAINDROP bead, SUNFLOWER SEEDS, PENNY, CAR and SMILEY BALL.  

EACH of these items represents a BLESSING from GOD and goes with the POEM that I wrote...please, see the picture above.  

 After we discuss how GOD BLESSES us with these things....the KIDDOS will place them in the JARS  and then fill it with RICE.  We will seal the JARS and the KIDDOS (with my help) will attach a LABEL to the top...THE LABEL has the POEM printed on, that the PARENTS can HELP  the KIDDOS see ALL the BLESSINGS that GOD has given them.  

I also have pictures (like the one above) that I will give to each of the KIDDOS to  go with THEIR OWN JAR.  That way they can "SPY" the exact ITEMS they placed in the JAR.

For a REVIEW GAME...I decided we would use BABY FOOD JARS and POM-POM Balls....I have questions printed on COLORFUL circles and placed under each JAR.  The KIDDOS will each get 3 POM-POM BALLS.  They will then have turns at throwing their POM-POM BALLS into the JARS.  The JAR their POM-POM lands in...well, they have to answer that question!!!  BTW, a sweet Sister in Christ gave me these JARS a few YEARS ago...Her daughter in nearly 4 years old!!!!  I did not really NEED them back then....BUT, I AM SO THANKFUL that I have them.  I had stored them in my Bible Class Supply Closet....KNOWING, I might NEED them SOME DAY....WELL, I guess it is "SOME DAY!!" 

This is my MOTTO:  If people offer you unique items----THANK THEM, take them, save them, use them and THANK THEM again, telling them HOW you used them!!!!  Those STRANGE WIDGETS just might be useful in BIBLE CLASS!!!  :-)

Next week will be our REVIEW week for this LESSON.  I really enjoy having 2 WEEKS to cover a LESSON.   I can make SURE the KIDDOS understand what has been taught...and if they are missing some pieces, I will have an opportunity to help them fill in the BLANKS.  

The KIDDOS will make their "EXPLORER JOURNAL" ACTIVITY next WEEK.  I know they will LOVE this!!!!  First off the get to COLOR with MARKERS!!!!  Secondly, they will get to 'PAINT' with BABY OIL.  This is a PROCESS....BUT, it is so much FUN!!!!  You just need to PREPARE before SATURDAY NIGHT at 10:00 PM!!!  

  Fist off...for this process to work you need to use COPY paper NOT CARDSTOCK!!!!    After you have copied you project onto CHEAP COPY Paper., you will need to use Elmer's Glue and "TRACE" the BLACK OUTLINE on the FRONT of the PAGE.  Let it DRY for at least 24 hours.  It will dry CLEAR.  This is an IMPORTANT step!!!! 

During class the KIDDOS will color the BACK of the page with MARKERS. (The back is the page with the design and Bible Verse (PRINTED BACKWARDS) on it.)    VIBRANT  COLOR Markers seem to work the BEST!!  We will then GLUE on the GEMS to the front of the JAR. 
 NOW, for the FUN and AMAZING PART!!!  

Pour a VERY SMALL amount of BABY oil on a SPONGE PAINT BUSH and let the KIDDOS PAINT the FRONT of their JAR with OIL!!!  (After all, that was PART of Elisha's Miracle!!!!)  

The COLORFUL image on the back will APPEAR through the JAR!!!!  (JUST A LITTLE OIL is needed for this to work....and I mean JUST A LITTLE!!!!!!)  

This is the FINISHED PRODUCT!!!  It is almost like STAINED GLASS...and is TRANSPARENT when you hold it up to the LIGHT!!!  Plus if you use BABY is NON TOXIC and makes the room smell nice!!! 

I would keep some paper towels handy...that way if the oil PUDDLES in one place you will be able to dab it up with the towels.  I have done a few other projects with this method of "OIL PAINTING" and every time---THE KIDDOS LOVE it and are AMAZED by the FINISHED PRODUCT!!!!

I am still working on a few other projects---I can't wait to SHARE them with you soon.  Hope your Bible Classes are going well....Remember, you are teaching the MOST IMPORTANT SUBJECT that KIDDOS will ever be taught!!!!!



Thursday, October 11, 2012

Making Visuals for Bible Class

Let me first say this has been a CRAZY few weeks.  Some of the CRAZINESS has taken me SHOPPING!!!!   LOL.    I love it when CRAZY means it is time to shop!!!

So, my first excursion took me to the Dollar General.  I have not done a LOT of shopping there..but, after these FINDS I will have to add them to my list of places to CHECK out  a little more often.  

I found these adorable little skeletons....I bought them for the FUTURE.  I will be teaching on Ezekiel and The Valley of Dry Bones....although it will be a while before, I actually teach a this lesson....NOW is the time to find things like Skeletons.  And, I LOVED the fact that these are an OFF white color.  Kinda look OLD and Dry.  

I also picked up two packages of these battery operated flickering candles.  These are really cool...when they are on they are orangy/red.  I think they will be great for Altars...and I am even thinking about the Cloven Tongues of Fire on the Day of Pentecost.   Not sure yet...but, I loved the COLOR...and I am SURE I will do something FUN with them!!!

I also found these little POTS...I know they are supposed to be Cauldrens...BUT, I am thinking they will work for any BIBLE Story that calls for a POT.  Jacob/Esau.  Elisha and Jericho.  ETC.  

I was REALLY excited when I found these.  It will be a long time before I get the the Birth Of Jesus....But, when I do...each of my KIDDOS will get to MAKE their OWN STABLE.  Of course, I will not be giving them the Wise men since we all know that the Wise men did not actually visit the stable.  


While looking around the Dollar General Store, I stumbled across their clearance section.  They had these trays on sale for 50 Cents each.    I picked up several of them....with my thought being that in the future, we will use them for the Creation Story.  It will be a REALLY LONG time before I get back to the Creation Story...But, when I do we will use these to SORT the Days of Creation into each section.  

Then next shopping excursion took me to the DOLLAR TREE!!!  I know you ALL know I LOVE the Dollar Tree!!!  It is a wonderful place to FIND items for Bible Class.

Well, the first things I found got me to thinking about the Book of Daniel.  I am going to need a golden statue when we get the the story of Nebuchadnezzar.  So what spawned all the thinking about Nebuchadnezzar well it was a Ninja Action figure and a Golden Trophy.    I don't know why...but, as soon as I saw the golden cup...then the Ninjas ---I just started thinking...Nebuchadnezzar's Golden Statue. 

All it needed was a little bit of glue and some GOLD spray paint!!!

Then, I found these FOAM Door Hangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I nearly let loose with one of my REALLY Happy Squeals...but, caught myself...and so, it sort of sounded like an over excited mouse.   

Each of these packages comes with 3 Door Hangers...and I quickly did the math.  19 Kings of Israel and 19 Kings of Judah  plus 1 evil Queen.... means I need a total of 39 Door Hangers.  So that meant I needed 13 Packages....Holding my breath, I began to put them in the cart.  There was plenty!!!!  YAY!!!!

   Sorry for the blurry picture!  Phone Camera in Use.

This is WHY I got so excited!!!  I was not going to be using them as DOOR HANGERS....I wanted to make them into a fun way to REVIEW the KINGS.  (I only have the Kings of Israel made at this time...)  All of the Kings of Israel were, ALL of these have a SAD face.    

When I make the Kings of Judah set, we will finally have a few Kings that get to have a smile!! 

Each card has the King's name, How LONG they Reigned, Wicked/Righteous, 
A major FACT about that King and the Scripture References to the King.

 This is going to be a fun Review "GAME" to "PLAY" with the KIDDOS.  We will talk about each King..and then put them in order, etc. 

 Hope you enjoyed my crazy shopping trips!!!!