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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

OWL Be WISE and ATTEND BIBLE Class. Attendance Chart/Bulletin Board

I love the changing of Seasons.   I do not know about you, but, I feel RENEWED and REJUVENATED with a CHANGE in the SEASONS!!!  My favorite Season is AUTUMN!!   I seem more structured and more organized during the FALL.  

I try to change out our ATTENDANCE Board each quarter.  Sometimes, I may be a few weeks behind the actual beginning of a quarter--but, I always have the best of intentions.  :-)

This quarter, I WAS READY!!!!  I knew what I was going to do!!!  OWLS are everywhere!!!   They seem to be a popular classroom theme.  So, since I have never done an OWL themed Attendance Board, I decided it was time to do one!!  

What made this Attendance Board so easy to make was that MOST of it comes from a BULLETIN Board set that I purchased at MARDEL.    The OWLS and the BORDER were my "NEW" purchases.  The LEAVES are from our supply room...I have had them for YEARS!!!!  

The TREES are from CLIP ART!!   I just printed them out FULL PAGE!!  I did print them on Cardstock for stability purposes.   The KIDDOS will be adding OWL stickers and LEAVES stickers to their TREE.   

I LOVE the BRIGHT COLORS of this Attendance Board.  I SMILE every time I walk into our Classroom and see it.  

Just KEEPING things real!!!  The BLUE poster paper---the one I covered the bulletin board with---well it was TO SHORT!!!  So, I just added extra OWL BORDER to MAKE UP the Difference!  I LIKE IT!!!  And, I was NOT about to run out an buy more POSTER PAPER for all of 6 INCHES.  I believe in MAKING DUE when we can.  :-)

Have you changed out your Attendance Charts for the FALL?  Do you get EXCITED with "LITTLE" changes.  Hope this Attendance Bulletin Board makes you SMILE!!!  



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