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Sunday, September 15, 2013


We are now up to BOX 7---BACK HOME.  This box contains TOYS that will help bring to remembrance the Return to Judah.      I do NOT have everything I want to have in this BOX...but, I am always looking and can always add to it.  

Here is what I currently have in this box.  I have Zerubbabel, Ezra, Nehemiah, "TEMPLE" and WALL pieces.  

This is my Zerubbabel---I purchased him at DOLLAR TREE a few years back.   He is really BIG compared to the other two...but, I feel like he does the job.  

This is my EZRA.  (Sorry for the bad picture.)  He is holding a scroll.   

This is my Nehemiah....notice his CUP.  After all he was the Kings Cup-bearer.    I have had this little man for a LOOONG time.  I think he was supposed to be NOAH....but, since I was able to slip a cup into his hand (he used to have a staff) HE immediately became Nehemiah.  :-)    By the way, the cup came out of a doll house miniatures set....I purchased the doll house miniatures at Hobby Lobby.    (It came with two cups and a pitcher---I think it is supposed to be orange juice.  :-))

These items represent the TEMPLE and the WALLS of Jerusalem.  The Temple was a sand toy...It came in some sand toys that I purchased at the Dollar Tree.  The Walls are from different sets...One is from Fisher Price Little People and the other one came with one of the little Bible characters I purchased at Dollar Tree a few years ago.  

These BOXES are great for QUICK REVIEWS....I LOVE bringing out an ITEM and having the KIDDOS tell me the story and tell me WHICH TIME PERIOD the item belongs with....It is also a great way to INTRODUCE and new time period as well as a  great way to REVIEW.   

Hope you are getting inspired to USE TOYS to teach....



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