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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Hope you are enjoying these boxes.    They are really useful teaching tools.  

This is what box 3 looks like from the top.....I love peeking in the boxes.  :-)  

 Here is everything that is in our Moses (Mosaical Time) Box.  

We have a Pyramid and Baby Moses...the pyramid is to help remind the KIDDOS that Moses was born in Egypt.   

 Here we have SANDALS---these were a Christmas Ornament--Various TOYS for the PLAGUES and MOSES!  

This is probably a STRETCH...but, it WORKS!!!  The MUMMY represents JOSEPH being carried out of EGYPT!  

We have a PILLAR of FIRE and PILLAR of CLOUD!!!  It has a small flashlight---it makes the fire glow.  

Here we have the Ten Commandments and the Ark of the Covenant.    

 The Ark of the Covenant is a toy from a Raiders of The LOST ARK toy set....I bought it off ebay.    The metal 10 Commandments are charms from Oriental Trading.  

Everything is back in the box!!!  Ready for REVIEW!!!  

Hope you are enjoying PEEKING in these BOXES.  



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  1. Do you have dvd'swe can buy of your workshops so I can see how you use the items in your teaching boxes. Crystal Hayward