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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


We are finally up to BOX 10!!!    This BOX is the BOX about us today!!  I want the KIDDOS to know that they fit into GOD'S PLAN FOR MAN!!

Box 10.....WE WORK TODAY!!!!

Currently I have these items in the BOX.  I have a BOY and GIRL puppet.  MIRRORS---so the KIDDOS can see themselves.  A FAMILY and praying hands.

Again, this box is INCOMPLETE....I have other items I want to add to this box.    I want to add pictures of each of my KIDDOS.  I want to add pictures of the men our congregation helps supports.  I want to add one of the cards our members are able to hand out to invite others.  I will, eventually get it all done.  I think.  :-)

The puppets came from the DOLLAR TREE.

The Mirrors were in the closet when we moved here.

The Praying Hands came in the Resurrection Eggs I purchased after Easter.

The FAMILY came from a TOY COMPANY.  I can't remember their name...but, I think it is called Constructive Playthings.  

When we talk about TODAY---and GOD'S PLAN I want the KIDDOS to understand that we are PART of THAT PLAN!!!!!!!

Well, there you have it....That is what was in all those BOXES under our ATTENDANCE BOARD.    I LOVE these BOXES.  They are truly a wonderful TOOL for me to use with the KIDDOS.    Remember, "GOD HAS a PLAN for MAN.  A WONDERFUL PLAN, YOU SEE.  GOD HAS AN AWESOME  PLAN,    A PLAN to SAVE  YOU and ME."---rld

Hope you have enjoyed seeing what I have in each box.  As you can tell, I am always adding to my collection of Bible teaching materials.    I hope I have inspired you to look at toys differently.  Stop and ask yourself, "Can I use this to teach a Bible story, principle or truth?"  It is amazing what you will find...if you are always thinking about Bible class!  :-)



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