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Friday, September 13, 2013


Welcome to BOX 5. 
This is our period of the KINGS BOX.

Here is a QUICK PEEK.  

This is what I currently have in this box.  I do NOT have all my little KINGS of JUDAH in the box---they are currently on display on the table, since we are learning about them!  

Here are our KINGS from the UNITED KINGDOM.  King  Saul, King David and King Solomon.   

Notice, I have several item to go along with David.....Sheep, Sling Shot, Bag of Stones, Harp. 

For King Solomon I have the TEMPLE behind him! 

(At some point I hope to find some small donkeys to go along with King Saul.)   

I am sure you can figure out that is the Prophet Elijah ---heading to heaven in a whirlwind....I do not have a chariot, yet.  So, for now I just stuck him in the whirlwind.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
The little windup toys represent PROPHETS, in general....the KIDDOS get sooooo excited when I get them out and we sing, "A PROPHET IS A MESSENGER." 

We have a RAVEN---finger puppet---came in a KIDS MEAL.  I have a LARGE FISH and "Jonah" is inside the belly.    I have a WICKED QUEEN---she can be Ataliah or Jezebel depending on which story we are focused upon reviewing. 

Here is a quick peek inside of the Great Big Fish.

I have a MAP of the Divided Kingdom and the Kings of the tub. 

I am enjoying sharing these boxes with all of you. Hope you are RETHINKING about TOYS.   Sometimes toys are the PERFECT teaching TOOL!!



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