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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Can you believe we are up to box 9!!! I hope you are not getting tired of these posts.  With Box 9 we are up to GOD'S PLAN FOR MAN---The Early Church.  

Just LIKE my BOX about the LIFE OF JESUS---this is an INCOMPLETE BOX. I have so many items I hope to find and add to this box....I am always keeping my eye out for items that  will fulfill my needs. 

I know this Bible time lady could be anyone---but, for now she is DORCAS.  I am sure you see the little DRESS that goes with her....After all Dorcas sewed clothes for brethren.  :-)  The little dress is made out of felt and was a gift to me from my sweet friend Laura.  

The ROCK is to represent Jesus's statement---"UPON THIS ROCK, I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH." 

The LITTLE Knight---Armor of GOD!

The Heart--LOVE the BRETHREN---1 Cor. 13.  

Here are a few close up pictures...

Again, please remember this box is NOT complete....I want to add so many different items to this BOX.  

I want to add the NUMBER 1---for ONE BODY, One SPIRIT,  One HOPE, One LORD, ONE FAITH, ONE BAPTISM.    I want to add FRUIT for Fruit of the Spirit.  I want to add Maps of Paul's Journeys, I want to add "letters" to represent the Epistles sent to the churches...etc.  So many ideas...JUST need to find the PERFECT items to represent these....  :-)

Only one more BOX to go.  YAY!!! Hope you are enjoying these POSTS.  




  1. I just love your ideas! I would love to ask you tons of questions. What age group are you currently teaching? Do you teach all year? If you have not already, have you ever considered writing a teachers guide??

  2. Where did you get your labels on the boxes?