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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Teaching Basic Facts About the BIBLE!!!!

I was recently asked HOW I TEACH the KIDDOS some of the BASIC BIBLE FACTS about the BIBLE ITSELF.  

I MUST tell you that I review this information often, normally weekly!!!    

SO, this is how I help my KIDDOS remember the BIBLE BASICS!

I have used this "BIBLE" picture for YEARS....  I colored it, coded it with "Old Testament" and the number "39" and "New Testament" and the number "27,"  and laminated it.   I like to point out that there are 2 MAIN PARTS TO THE BIBLE.....The OLD TESTAMENT and the NEW TESTAMENT!!!  This little "Bible" helps me demonstrate this easily!  

 But, because I want the KIDDOS to really get the fact that there are 2 Testaments....I sliced the "Bible" right down the middle.  

This way when I say, "The Bible Has Two MAIN parts."  I can show them VISUALLY that there are 2 PARTS.  This has seem to be an effective way of teaching this concept.  

After I show them the 2 MAIN parts, I ask them "How many books are in the OLD?"  After they answer, I ask, "How many books are in the NEW?"

We have a little song that we sing ...  "39 in the Old and 27 in the New....We put it all together and what do we get.....66 books in the BIBLE."  I always tell them they are sooooo smart....after all they are able to add 39 plus 27 and know it is always going to be 66!!!!  I tell them they can "WOW" their older siblings, parents, friends etc.  with their GREAT ability to do this math problem.  LOL

I also keep this VISUAL  continually on display in my classroom.  That way the Kiddos can VISUALLY see the "66" book on the number 66.  I have also used this as a QUICK review of all the books of the BIBLE.  When I have a few minutes, we can review the books of the BIBLE by allowing the KIDDOS to point to each book of the BIBLE as we say their names.  

One other little thing I like to do...Is bring our my RECYCLED CD'S that I have labeled with the books of the BIBLE.  I like to spread them out all over the floor....Then let them work on getting them "GROUPED" together....This is when I normally introduce LAW, HISTORY, POETRY, MAJOR PROPHETS AND MINOR PROPHETS.    We can also COUNT every CD.  Again, this is a wonderful way to VERBALIZE and VISUALIZE the number of books in the BIBLE.   Sometimes, I will ask the KIDDOS, "How many books of LAW are there?"  Then we count them out loud using the CD's as our COUNTERS.  I will do this for EACH division of the BIBLE.  The KIDDOS love for me to BRING out the CD's!!

These were very easy to make...I just saved up CD'S that were unusable, or we received in the mail, or that when they were burned there was a problem, etc.  I printed out

CD labels with the Books of the Bible and clip art on them...attached them to the CD and we were ready to play!!!  The great thing is they STACK up so nicely on the spindle....Easy to store and FUN to use to REVIEW the Books of the Bible.

Basic Bible Facts are  an important concept....and must be reviewed often.  I want the KIDDOS to LOVE their BIBLE...and the more familiar they are with their BIBLE the more they will LOVE their Bible.  I believe KIDDOS should grow up with a BIBLE in their hands....Start with those small "BABY BIBLES" and GROW into more mature style Bibles as they grow up.  The BIBLE is the MOST IMPORTANT BOOK WE CAN READ TO OUR KIDDOS!!!!




  1. These are so amazing. Do you have .pdf files of all the books of the Bible for these? or did you clip the 66 and hand make it yourself?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. I do not have a pdf of these....We will be working on that in the future...I have an OUTDATED program....according to my DH.

    1. I love your blog and have been reading lots of posts. I am beginning a year-long theme of learning the Books of the Bible and would LOVE to know where you found/created the clip art you used on the milk caps and as CD labels. I really want to create the review games you made. Thanks!

  3. Wow! This is wonderful! I'm going to be teaching the children at church and this is going to be such a fun and helpful way to teach them! Thank you so much! :) God bless!

  4. Are you having another workshop sometime soon? When and where?

  5. Ronda - this would be sooo helpful for my kids' class at church. Do you have a pdf - free or to buy. I would love to know. THANK YOU!

  6. Hello Ronda. Do you have a downloadable file for the CD labels now? I'd love to purchase those from you for my class!

    1. Not sure why this showed up as Unknown. My name is Ann and my email is

  7. I agree with the above questioner.Do you have downloadable CD labels now? If you do please contact me, Sandy at