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Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Memory Verse Cards!!!

I decided to add a NEW WAY of tracking our Memory Verse Memorization.  Instead of hanging a MEMORY VERSE Chart up on the wall...We are going to hang them around our NECKS!!!!  

The Kiddos will LOVE these!!!!  They love things that they get to wear!!!  


Here is the plan.  Each time the children have their Memory Verse Memorized they will get a Smiley Face Sticker to place on one of the little BLACK dots on the border of their "I KNOW MY MEMORY VERSE" card. 

 I will take pics as time goes that you can see how they progress.  I am excited about this new way of tracking their Memory Verse progress.

I made these up on my computer, then printed  the little cards out then laminated them, then attached them to a lanyard.  There is one for each of my kiddos.  

I am hoping this will STIR some of our "older members" to ASK the Kiddos to tell them their Memory Verse!!! 

I am always looking for fun and exciting ways to encourage Scripture Memorization!!!



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