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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our next lesson is about David and Mephibosheth.   We will be focusing on COMPASSION and KEEPING OUR PROMISES.    This is a wonderful story to illustrate then need for  compassion and keeping our promises.  I love this story!!  

I decided to make my OWN visuals for this story.  I will have my "Mephibosheth" hobble up to "David" during my telling of this story.  I think the VISUALS turned out cute.  :)

These are our new words for our WORD WALL.  I thinks it is important to have these words up in the room where I am reminded to remind the KIDDOS of the need to put these words into ACTIONS!!!  I love the "WORD WALL."  I ofter remind the KIDDOS of past words that come up again in 'NEW' stories. 

These are our WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? WHY? AND HOW? cards.  We will be making sure to focus on each of those aspects of the story.  I really FOCUS on these aspects of each BIBLE story.  I feel if the KIDDOS can answer these questions, for EACH story they learn, then they will have a BETTER understanding of HOW to use these stories through their life.

Our memory verse comes from Proverbs.  I thought this was a PERFECT memory verse to go with this lesson.  (I will probably have to explain what the word desired means.)  I may end up with that one on the WORD WALL.  We will sing this Memory Verse to the tune: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. 

Because our focus is on being COMPASSIONATE like DAVID we are going to be making cards for those of our congregation that are sick or those that are "shut-ins."   This will be our "TAKE-HOME" activity this week.   The Kiddos will color the cards and help me write sweet, loving and encouraging words to the person we are sending the card to....I will either hand deliver the cards or mail them out on Monday. 

Our REVIEW Game is a  'type' of "Musical Chairs" game.  I have laid out hula hoops (I purchased these at the Dollar Tree) on the floor.  I laid a big laminated number in each hula hoop...except the one in the middle.  I have a BIG foam die (I purchased it at the Dollar Tree, too.  They come in a set of 2.) in the middle hula hoop.  

The idea for this Review Game being....We will sing a song that goes with the lesson....when I say, "STOP" we will roll the DIE and whatever number I roll...the Kiddo in the corresponding numbered hula hoop will answer a question about the lesson.  I know they will enjoy this FUN and ACTIVE Review game.  And what a great way to include singing, moving, and review all together!!!

Next Sunday, when we REVIEW the LESSON...we will do our Explorer Journal Activity...  And, this is what I came up with for this lesson.  They will color the picture of King David and Mephibosheth....and then they will get to add little wooden crutches to Mephibosheth.  I made the crutches from craft sticks (TONGUE DEPRESSORS is what I called them growing up.  LOL)

I simply cut around Mephibosheth's arms so that the crutches would slide up under his arms. 

I think they are kinda cute....and any time the Kiddos can add a 3D element to their projects they get excited....and it helps bring the story to LIFE for them.    It takes a little more prep on my part...but it is SOO worth the effort!!!

Hope your prep for Bible Class is going well....Remember, you can't do your best at teaching the kiddos if you do not spend time PREPPING!!!!!  "Study to show yourself approved!!!" 




  1. Hi Ronda,
    I was just wondering what program you use for all your graphics, etc. I can never seem to find great graphics to use.

  2. Hi,

    For some of the graphics I use His graphics are free to use. I also use a lot of clip art from The second one is sold online....and I use the pics from them quite often since they come in a colored and black and white version.

    If I can't find what I am looking for I am left to drawing it myself....Then my dear hubby will scan it into the computer and I will manipulate it in my "drawing" program.

    Hope this helps.



    1. Hi I love the who what when where cards and the "words" printout and the craft! Is there somewhere that I can go to print these for my classroom?

  3. Thank you so much for the suggestion to make cards for shut-ins; I had not thought of that. We are a very small church with one precious older woman who is close to death. Our children all know her and love her dearly and we will be making her cards tonight after telling the story. You have blessed many people with this post, even several years after you wrote it. Thank you so very much!!