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Friday, March 9, 2012

Rearranging Classroom To Build New Excitement For The Kiddos.

I am still doing a bit of rearranging of our Bible Classroom.  I think it excites the Kiddos...when they come in the room and things are changed up a bit.    I have added a few new things to our room too.    I will be sharing a few of them with you today....but, keep checking back....I have a unique BOOKS of The Bible Chart Coming soon!!!

Here  is  the "NEW" look  to  the wall that  is DIRECTLY behind my teaching table.   I have change things on this wall....Moved things around a bit...When I look at this wall I can't help but smile.  :)


I used to use this wall for our Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? cards only.... I am still using the MIDDLE section for that purpose...I just changed up the way I display the cards.    I Like the Pocket Chart....I have had it a LOOOOONG time and it was stored away in my closet.  I think it suits my need PERFECTLY!!!  This past Sunday the Kiddos  seemed to like the way we added the cards to the pockets as we talked about each of them.  This actually made it easier on me to REVIEW each of those very important questions!!!! 

I moved the "GOD GIVE US A KING!" Interactive Bulletin Board over to the wall behind my table.  This will actually make it easier on me to have the Kiddos Review Facts about the First 3 Kings of Israel.    The Fact Boxes are just COVERED Kleenex boxes.  I hung them on wall with my handy dandy stapler.  :)  
BTW, the cute visuals came from our local Dollar Tree.  I bought them last year and LOVE them.

I added our two NEW words to our WORD WALL.  We covered the meaning of the words Jealous and Friend this past Sunday.  I love it when the Kiddos learn the meaning of words....and are able to apply them to their daily life.  

 One of our NEW really for the Wednesday Evening teacher.  She will be coming up with QUESTIONS for the kiddos to answer.  She is going to base the questions on...PEOPLE, PLACES, AND EVENTS from the lesson.    She will then pick which kiddo answers which questions.  We want to make sure they have a grasp of the lesson...and this is just one way to make sure they understand what they have been learning.   I was the substitute teacher this past Wednesday and the KIDDOS LOVED this....They get to place their little PERSON STICK in the pocket...if they can answer the question.  :)

One other NEW item I recently found for our room was these small carpets.  I was THRILLED that they were JUNGLE THEMED....They go perfectly with our "We're Wild About Bible Class!!"  theme.    I love having dedicated spaces on the carpet for the kiddos to sit on....That way each kiddo knows their OWN space limitations.  It really helps in CONTROLLING behavior.  When the kiddo's have a dedicated space...they understand the need to STAY in their space.   Just in case you are looking for something like this for your classroom...I thought I would let you know I found them at Target....They were in their $ section up in the front of their store.  They did cost $2.50 each...But are sooooo worth it.

Small changes can really activate excitement in your students....Moving something around...adding a NEW motivators....rearranging the table...Kiddos get bored with the same old, same old.  Build Excitement....change things up a bit.  :)




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