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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Bible Book Bag As A Special Surprise E.A.A.

The Kiddos had a SPECIAL SURPRISE as their E.A.A.  (Early Arrival Activity.)  I decided to give each of my Kiddos a "Special" bag.  I explained that this "Special" bag was their "BIBLE CLASS Bag."  I told them this bag was to come to Bible Class with them EVERY TIME they come to class.  

I let them begin decorating them with fabric markers.....however, do to the fact that our E.A.A. time is limited to time before CLASS begins....I will have the markers in the classroom for the next few weeks.  That way they have PLENTY of time to decorate their Bible Class bag.   (When using MARKERS I give STERN RULES.  1.  WE SHARE!  2.  BE CAREFUL!  3.  ONLY USE THE MARKERS ON ITEM INTENDED!  4.  DO NOT DRAW ON YOURSELF OR ANYONE ELSE!)

I bought these bags at the local Dollar Tree.
Our new "HOME CONNECTION" Workbooks fit perfectly inside these bags.  SCORE!!!!!

The Kiddos were very excited about decorating their bag.  I hope that this will help with getting their Bible and Workbook from Home back to Bible Class....BTW, I gave each of my Kiddos a NEW SHARPENED Pencil...the pencils had a Scripture imprinted on them...I purchased them at Mardels.  They were very excited about the PENCILS.  It  is funny what excites the Kiddos.  They LOVE the simple things.  Things to call their OWN. 




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