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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Reviewing The Books Of The Bible

I just wanted to share our NEWEST "ATTRACTION."  The kiddos are sooooooo excited about this.  

My Wednesday CO-Teacher wanted to REVIEW the BOOKS of the BIBLE with the KIDDOS.  We were sitting and visiting about different WAYS to make sure the kiddos have the books of the BIBLE memorized.  We decided to go with an INCH WORM theme and I think it turned out ADORABLE!!!

Each leaf has a different BOOK of the BIBLE written on it....and the kiddos each have their VERY own INCH WORM.   

 The idea being that this will be a  SELF PACED activity...each of the kiddos will move their WORM up  as they are able to say MORE books of the BIBLE.  For example, if they can say all the books from Genesis to Joshua...then they get to move their WORM to the Joshua leaf.  Each week they will start from Genesis and see how many books they can say...that way they can MOVE their WORM!!!!  They are working towards the TRANSFORMATION into a  BUTTERFLY!!!! 
(A concept that is WELL taught through the SCRIPTURES!)  


This was fairly easy to put together.  I purchased the stuffed Inch Worms, the vine and the Butterfly at the Local Dollar Tree.   We just STRIPPED off the leaves from the we could add our own!!!  OH, and the Butterfly....was supposed to be a wind-chime. I just TORE it apart and shaped (bent) the BUTTERFLY to the form I wanted and stapled it to the wall.  :)    The leaves were cut from a DIE cut machine and my co-teacher lovingly wrote all the names of the books of the BIBLE on the leaves!!! 


Now, for the KIDDOS inch worms.  We  used a clothes pin, pom-pom balls, googly eyes and chenille sticks.  They were simple to make...just a little glue and a little time.  I think they turned out CUTE!!  :)

Since they are made from a clothes pin they are easy to MOVE around the VINES!!! 

I love interactive Bulletin Boards....and this is such a fun and exciting way to see the kiddos progress as they say their Books of the Bible!!



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