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Friday, March 30, 2012

Another Ealry Arrival Activity E. A. A. Drawing the Days of Creation.

This will be their EAA (Early Arrival Activity) this Sunday.  Because, I like to REVIEW information, facts and lesson the Kiddos have learned in the past, I decided this would be a FUN one.  We are going to to review the Days of Creation.  

Here is the plan....The Early Arrivers will Roll the Die that is sitting on their personal DRY ERASE Board.  Whatever number they ROLL is the DAY they will draw.  For example:  if they roll a 4 they will draw what GOD made on that day...the SUN, MOON and STARS.  

I LOVE having my classroom ready to GO!!!  Normally, I make a special trip to the church building on Saturday....just to finalize anything I feel the need to do...BUT, today I am confident that I will not need to change anything for this Sunday....(I THINK...LOL)

* Lesson is opened and ready to be taught.
* WORD WALL words are ready to be explained.
* "Take Home" is ready to be completed.
* Song Book is ready for use.

BTW, The hula hoops in the floor are part of our REVIEW game for Sunday.... Please check back to see what we are going to be doing with them!!!


The personal WHITE Boards are one of my KIDDOS favorite thing to use.  I had these cut from one of those HUGE pieces of white laminated boards that you buy in the Bathroom Wallboard Section of Lowes.  The worker there was sweet enough to cut that HUGE board down into these squares for me.  When I explained the purpose for ALL those cuts----well, they did not even charge me the cutting fees!!!   Due to the fact that I got SEVERAL of these boards we have shared them with all the classes here at the church building.  The OLDER KIDDOS use them for TRIVIA games, Map drawings, Bible Pictures Styles Games, etc.    

I love letting the KIDDOS draw Bible Stories...and I LOVE the fact that they LOVE to draw on these boards.  My only suggestion is this....KEEP A CAMERA HANDY!!!  YOU and the KIDDOS will want to remember their BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK!!!   



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