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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Save The Header Cards From Purchased Visuals!!

When you buy a BULLETIN BOARD SET or a VISUAL AID PACKAGE they sometimes come with FREEBIES!!!    

What I mean is the HEADER Card.  You know the card that normally has a hole in it and is hung on the display.  

When you open the package make sure to SAVE the header cards!!!  They can provide you with wonderful SMALLER visuals....They are PERFECT for Review GAMES. You can make them into GAME PIECES (MARKERS TO HOP AROUND A GAME BOARD.)  You can add magnets to them and use them for TABLE TOP DISPLAYS---JUST USE A COOKIE SHEET.  You can glue them to flannel and use them on a FLANNEL BOARD.    You can turn them into FINGER PUPPETS. 

THE POSSIBILITIES are ENDLESS!!!  I will even cut out the small pieces that advertise OTHER visuals from the same company. 

I recommend LAMINATING any and all visuals.  If it is worth MAKING or BUYING you should LAMINATE it!!!  So, when I BUY a visual that comes with a header card I LAMINATE the HEADER CARD right along with the VISUALS!  :-)

This is another set that was purchased for one of our teachers.  We went ahead and laminated the SMALL Header Card....These will be great for a magnet board or a file folder game. 

If you are going to spend money on VISUAL DISPLAYS, I say GET EVERY BIT OF YOUR MONEY'S WORTH!!!!  



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  1. Hi Rhonda,
    I just 'stumbled' onto your blog tonight while looking for ideas for the upcoming kids church I am leading this week. I also am a teacher and have a great love for teaching the Word of God to anyone who will listen ;).
    I have 3 young children (all boys 8 and under) and am trying to brainstorm creative and new ways to present the Easter events. Do you have any posts about Easter or any ideas that you cold pass on? I am enjoying reading through your blog. Excited to listen to your seminar when. Have a few hours to myself too. Thanks for your time!

    God bless you,
    Carla. Ps. Which church are you teaching with?