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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Our  2nd-4th Graders have been learning about the Life of CHRIST.  Such a WONDERFUL TOPIC.  I am looking forward to ONE day getting to WRITE and TEACH lessons on the LIFE of CHRIST for my KIDDOS.

These KIDDOS are so much fun and so SMART!   So, we wanted to give them a bit of a CHALLENGE.  We want them to REVIEW their MEMORIZATION of the BOOKS of THE BIBLE.  We want them to KNOW the 12 APOSTLES.  We want the KIDDOS to be able to PUT the LIFE OF CHRIST in Biblical ORDER and we want them to be able to UNDERSTAND where in GOD'S PLAN FOR MAN these events "FIT."  

So, that got me to thinking.  So, I decided to go to one of my HAPPY PLACES.  You guessed it....DOLLAR TREE!!!!    (ME THINKING and GOING TO the DOLLAR TREE on the SAME DAY---well, you know what that means!!!)   As I perused the store I spotted these WONDERFUL little "COUPON CADDIES." Immediately, I was OVERJOYED.   I was so excited---because, they had so many different colors.  So, into my buggy they went.  Purple, Pink, Red, Blue, Black, Turquoise, Green, and Navy colored "Coupon Caddies."  But, I had PLANS for these....You see, I knew they would not be "Coupon Caddies" any longer....They will be "TREASURE TOTTERS" for our KIDDOS at least that is what I am calling them!!! 

Now, this is what is going into their "TREASURE TOTTER."  

Books of The Bible Cards.  
"Life of Christ" Sequence Cards.
12 Apostles.
"GOD'S PLAN for MAN" Cards.
Memory Verses, etc.

The KIDDOS will COLOR their own BOOKS of The BIBLE CARDS.  These cards are from a COPYABLE BOOK called "Big Book of Bible Skills."    

The KIDDOS will also color their own set of the Twelve Apostles. The Apostles come from the copyable book  "Bible Story Clip and Copy Patterns."

The other items on the table are "The LIFE of CHRIST" cards which are available for printing at:     
The other cards are a shrunken version of my "GOD'S PLAN for MAN" charts.      

The reason we are including the LIFE of CHRIST CARDS is due to the KIDDOS currently learning about the Life of Christ and we want them to be able to PUT the LIFE of CHRIST in ORDER.  (If they were learning about the PROPHETS we would have included cards of PROPHETS.  If they were learning about CREATION we would have had Creation Cards, If they were learning about the 10 Commandments we would have included 10 Commandment Cards, etc.) 

The GOD'S PLAN for MAN cards will help the KIDDOS get stories into the RIGHT TIME PERIOD.  We also want them to GET this PLAN MEMORIZED.  We have these charts in VARIOUS SIZES in all of our CLASSROOMS.  The purpose being that when we are teaching a Bible Lesson we want the KIDDOS to KNOW where in GOD'S PLAN that lesson comes from.

The KIDDOS will keep these items together in their "TREASURE TOTTER."  AKA "Coupon Caddy."  BTW,  I have heard that the $ Spot at Target has some cute "Coupon Caddies."  However, I have NOT personally seen PLEASE do NOT be mad at me if you go to Target and can not find them.  Thanks for your understanding...  :-)

All READY for the KIDDOS to PICK out their FAVORITE COLOR...the teachers will label them with the KIDDOS names after they PICK out the one they want. 

I just LOVE seeing them in this box....READY to be distributed and ready for the KIDDOS to get to WORK.  :-)

I think this would make a GREAT EAA.  (Early Arriver Activity.)  I am thinking they would be wonderful for our Family Bible Time Night....HUM, I am feeling the need to go back to Dollar Tree and soon!!!  :-)



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  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas with us !