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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jehoshaphat A Godly King of Judah

This Sunday we will be learning about King Jehoshaphat.  I love being able to teach about GODLY KINGS.    The KIDDOS are geuinely happy to FINALLY be learning about godly kings.  After all NOT ONE King of Israel was godly..."NO NOT ONE."  (Imagine small children saying those words....every time I ask if Israel had a godly king....that is how they answer me.)  

 The KIDDOS will be able to answer all of these questions by the time we finish the lesson on King Jehoshaphat.   I REALLY want the KIDDOS to understand the WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? WHERE? WHY? and HOW is this  IMPORTANT to ME?  (The purpose to the 2 WHERE questions.....I want the KIDDOS to  know WHERE on a map the events happened.  I also want the KIDDOS to know WHERE in the Bible they can find the story.)

I have added several PICS to demonstrate our VISUAL AID for this lesson.  If you follow me on Face Book you have already seen this...I am using a BREAD SLICER that I purchased at a Thrift Store for 99 Cents!!!!  I am so excited about ALL the possible used for this BREAD SLICER. 

For this lesson we will REMOVE a CARD as we tell the story....SLOWLY revealing the card behind....As the story progresses I will have the KIDDOS take turns PULLING out the card to reveal the next card.  



I want to encourage Bible Class Teachers to "RETHINK" items.  You just might find the perfect widget to fill a need....IF YOU OPEN YOUR MIND TO REUSING something for a NEW PURPOSE. 

We have TWO new words for our WORD WALL.  We will be adding the word "ALLIED" and the word "FAST."  I did not get a picture of the word "FAST."  I have a hamburger with a red "NO" sign over it.  

We have a NEW place on our MAP.  We have added Ramoth Gilead.  Ramoth Gilead is an important city for King Jehoshaphat.  He made a MISTAKE when he allied with Wicked King Ahab and went up to WAR in Ramoth Gilead.   We will talk about Jehoshaphat's MISTAKE.  

I want to SHARE with you a PICTURE that shows HOW I display the past lessons EXPLORER JOURNAL ACTIVITY and MEMORY VERSES.  I feel it is important to REVIEW PAST LESSONS the KIDDOS have learned...Having these activities and memory verses on display makes it EASY for me to BRING up past lessons we have learned. 

I love how our KINGS Bulletin Board is GROWING with information for the KIDDOS.  You can see we learn about Three NEW Prophets with the lesson on Jehoshaphat. 

We have Micaiah---he technically belongs over in Israel with AHAB.  But, we did not refer to him until this lesson.  So, we are adding him now.  We have Jehu and Jahaziel.  Both of them went to Jehoshaphat. 

I decided this would be a WONDERFUL Memory Verse for the KIDDOS.  This is what the people sang when they went out to defend Judah.  GOD defeated their enemy for them.  This verse comes directly from our lesson text. 

The TAKE HOME project this week is a REALLY SIMPLE project.  We are making paper Bracelets.  These are sooo simple.  They are made from card stock. 

These are NOT fancy and NOT hard to make...they are assembled with TAPE.  The KIDDOS are going to get to use MARKERS!!  That will make these "extra special."   



PLEASE forgive the DOT on my hand.  That is my BRAIN.  You see, when I need to remember SOMETHING important, I put a DOT on my hand.  :-)

Our Review Game is Called "Change of Heart."  After all Jehoshaphat had a change of heart, when he made a mistake--he REPENTED and turned back to GOD.    

This is HOW this game will be played.  The KIDDOS  will have a "POPPIN HEART," labeled with their name.    

This was the HARDEST picture to take!!
It landed PERFECTLY!! 
They will get to 'set' the heart and place it on their choice of the three solid hearts.  When the heart POPS up and lands in one of the hearts with questions...the KIDDOS will answer that question.  I do have a few PINK hearts....they say "CHOOSE a Different Heart"...Sort of a Play on the idea that Jehoshaphat Changed His Heart.

I purchased the "POPPIN HEARTS" during the VALENTINE season at Walmart.  I knew then that I wanted to PUT those to use in a Review Game.  Those RED HEART Containers came from Mardels.  I bought them a few years ago.  CAN you believe I got them for 39 cents a piece.  I LOVE 90% off sales!!!!!  These containers have SO many POSSIBILITIES!  For now they serve a need to REVIEW the life of Jehoshaphat the King of Judah.  :-)

When you see the "EXPLORER JOURNAL" Activity for this lesson....You will see why I decided to go VERY simple with the "TAKE HOME" project for our lesson.  :-)

The KIDDOS will make their "EXPLORER JOURNAL"  activity NEXT WEEK.  Each of my lessons are designed for two weeks.  The first week we LEARN the next week we REVIEW!!   I love having that second allows me to FILL in any missing information and correct any misunderstood information.  

The KIDDOS will be making these HEART SHAPED BOOKS for their EXPLORER JOURNALS. 

Since, these take a bit of work to assemble, I will do all of the assembling of the pages prior to class time.  I do not want to waste any of our PRECIOUS BIBLE CLASS TIME on unnecessary TIME STEALERS!!!


During class time the  KIDDOS will color the words on the heart pages  and attach all the stickers and 3D items. 



I copied the "pages" of the heart onto RED copy paper and folded them over a thin piece of cording.  Once I had all the pages folded over their cords, I threaded them through a hole and tied them off on the back side of the PINK CARD STOCK.  Then for added security I taped them to the back of the PINK Paper. 


I used a LOT of FOAMY STICKERS, Homemade Stickers (I LOVE having a sticker maker.  It is a lifesaver when you cannot FIND the perfect stickers for your projects.)  and Model Magic for the COMMANDMENTS!!   BTW, I found these SWORD blades in a SET of VBS material sold at Hobby Lobby.   

This seems like a REALLY long post...but, it was so HARD to eliminate pictures...I really feel that PICTURES are worth a MILLION WORDS.  I feel it is easier to SEE what I am doing in Bible Class!!  Hope you feel this way too. 


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