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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Where I Find My Clip Art For Visuals and Crafts

Picture Owned and Drawn by Ronda Duvall
I have been asked NUMEROUS times about the CLIP ART I use.  I use clip art from several sources!!  

But, before I list them here I need to make a few things clear.  I am in NO way associated with these companies.  I do NOT receive any financial support, discounts, kickbacks, etc. by listing these sources.  I simply LIST them to aid my readers.  

I would suggest to order this on CD.  The CD allows you to print the artwork in Black and White Line Art.  They are great for printing and letting the KIDDOS color.  

I also use clip art from Phillip Martin. His clip art is cute and the KIDDOS seem to like the images.  

I have also used images from  they are fun images. 

I also use the program Print Master.   It is available at

I use the clip art available via the Art Explosion 800,000 which is available at

We are also blessed to have several clip and copy style books in the church Resource Room. 

If I can't find the visual I am needing....I get out my pencil and paper and begin drawing it myself.   

Hope this helps.




  1. Thank you so much for posting these resources! =)

  2. I truly enjoy your blog! Thank you very much much for all the awesome ideas! God bless you! Thanks you also for sharing this list of resources : )