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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Jacob Receives The Blessing

WOW, life gets so busy.   Sometimes we have to PAUSE  and take care of family needs. Just so you know, we have been moving forward with our EXPLORATION of BIBLE HISTORY.   However, being overwhelmed by busyness has kept me from UPDATING the website.  

A few weeks ago, we had our lesson on Jacob receiving the Blessing.  We talked a LOT about this being GOD'S PLAN...but, that we are NOT sure GOD really wanted them to TRICK Isaac.  But, just like us, they were human and did not always do things in the best way.  

The KIDDOS MEMORY VERSE comes from PROVERBS 28:20.   "A faithful man will abound with blessings."   This is a great verse to SHARE with the KIDDOS.  

We sang our song "Jacob and Esau."  

The visual aid I used had a double purpose.  This was also the KIDDOS Take Home Project! They LOVED adding the fur to Jacob.  

Our REVIEW game was FUN and EXCITING.  We allowed the KIDDOS to pretend to be Jacob and Isaac.    We had one put on the mask--to represent Isaac and his dim eyesight.    Then we allowed one of the other KIDDOS to put on the fur sleeves.   Then we allowed "Isaac" to feel the furry arms. We removed the arms from the KIDDO and asked "Isaac" which one of his/her Bible Class friends had been wearing the furry arm.   It was a interesting experience for the KIDDOS.  They realized it is NOT easy to KNOW who was wearing the furry sleeves.  They LOVED pretending to be Jacob or Isaac.  

The following week was our REVIEW WEEK.  That is the week when the KIDDOS review their lesson, tell me their Memory Verse, and do a project that we add to their EXPLORER JOURNAL.   It is a GREAT opportunity for me to make sure the KIDDOS really understood the lesson!!  We clear up any misunderstandings and make sure the KIDDOS see the important underlying lesson learned through these Bible Accounts.  

The KIDDOS made these to add to  their EXPLORER JOURNAL.  We let them color and then glue on the FUR to JACOB.  



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