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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Jacob Dreams Of A Ladder

We recently had our Lesson about Jacob and his AMAZING dream!!  I LOVE this Bible Story!!!  

Our DO YOU KNOW? Wall was filled with the information that I feel the KIDDOS NEED to know. If they are able to answer these questions I feel they understand the LESSON.  

Our GOD'S AWESOME PLAN FOR MAN timeline is filling up with the stories about the Patriarchs.  

We added "BETHEL" to our MAP WALL.  

We sang  "JACOB HAD A DREAM."    I love for songs to teach the story.  This one reminds the KIDDOS how JACOB  was part of GOD'S AWESOME PLAN....JESUS would come through his family!!!  

Our Memory Verse is Romans 8:31. This is one of those verses that gives KIDDOS comfort and courage.  

Remember those paper bracelets I bought at the Dollar Tree a few months ago.  Well, we are putting them to use!!  I write the KIDDOS Memory Verse on them and we place them on their wrist, before they leave the classroom.


The KIDDOS made little LADDERS as their TAKE HOME project.  Years ago, I was able to buy little ladders at Hobby Lobby...however, when I went looking for them a few moths ago, they no longer carried them.  So, I decided to make them.  I used dowels (I have a bunch in the resource room) and small popcicle sticks.   Glued them together and TA-DA....we have ladders!!   To make them stand up, I wrap a rock in Crayola Model Magic Dough.    The  Kiddos glued on the Angels.  The angels were coded to read, "I AM WITH YOU."   Genesis 28:15

Our VISUAL served a secondary purpose.  It was also, our REVIEW GAME.    

The KIDDOS loved "PLAYING" this game.  They would pick an angel and remove it, answer the question that was written on the back and then hand it to me.  Once all the angels were removed and since the angels were going up and down on the ladder, to represent the "going up" we had the KIDDOS answer a different question from the angels and put it back on the ladder!!  They LOVED it!!!

The following week the KIDDOS made these to add to their Explorer Journal.     The ladders are made from long skinny popcicle style craft sticks and short colored craft sticks.   The angel stickers are just printed from my computer and ran through my sticker maker machine.    The KIDDOS, also, glued on a ROCK for Jacob to sleep on.    

We had so much fun and excitement with this lesson!!!  The KIDDOS really enjoyed it!!!  



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