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Monday, March 30, 2015



I am excited to share our NEW ATTENDANCE CHARTS with you. I decided to do a RACE TRACK Theme.  

I titled the Attendance Chart Board, "STAY ON THE RIGHT TRACK, ATTEND BIBLE CLASS!!"

I bought this bulletin board set at our local Mardel.  I printed the  Title Cards.  The Flags are actually the border trim that came with the bulletin board set....I just cut one piece into small flag sizes and stapled them up.  I think it worked out fine.  

I liked the way it turned out...but, I though it needed, off to the Dollar Tree I went.    I found these little "hot wheel" style cars and knew they were what the Bulletin Board Needed!!!  

I used little pieces of Command Hook.  I cut them into very small squares...and attached the Command Hook to the wheels of the car.    Then I stuck them to the TRACK!!  I LOVE how it turned out!!!  It was just what the Bulletin Board was needing!!!

The Kiddos will be sticking CAR STICKERS to the TRACK and the smaller stickers to the Center of the TRACK.   

However, I thought we might need a little MORE....So, when I was at the Dollar Tree I picked up these items.    The KIDDOS will get to stick on a 3D car every few weeks and then at the end of the quarter we will stick the TROPHY CUP to the MIDDLE of their TRACK...right next to their name!!

I hope the KIDDOS enjoy their new Attendance Charts!!  



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