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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Toddler Class is Memorizing the DAYS of CREATION Bible Facts

Each of our classes are working on Memorizing their Basic Bible Facts.   Each teacher has decided on their own way to incorporate Basic Bible Fact Memorization time into their classroom schedule.   The TODDLER class teachers decided to make WORLD POCKETS for each of their KIDDOS.  

Their is a pocket on the back of each of the worlds.  As the KIDDOS tell the teach the DAY they were told to memorize they add a CARD to their WORLD POCKET!!    I LOVE hearing the KIDDOS get excited over earning their NEWEST CARD!!!!! 

Here is a peek at the CARDS that go in the pocket!!  

Since they are working on MEMORIZING each day of creation the KIDDOS have been making different TAKE HOME ACTIVITIES.    Each of their activities is on a paper plate.      Here is one of their DAY 2 plates!!!

Here is their DAY 3 plate!!!  I LOVE THEM!!!  I LOVE hearing the KIDDOS coming out of their classroom  and telling their parents WHAT they made!!!!  

As soon as I find out where the teacher put Day 1 and their CREATION WHEEL mobile, I will share it with you!   

We are blessed to have dedicated and hardworking teachers!!!  



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  1. Hi, I really admire the time and the work that you put in for your kids. I am a new teacher for my church and I have been enjoying your ideas that you share, but I don't really know where to start. What curriculum do you use for your children?