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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Bulletin Board--- PATRIARCHS

FINALLY!!!  I feel like it has been a looong time....GLAD to be back in "NORMAL" mode. 

I have been working in the Bible Classroom a LOT!!!  I had so much to take down, rearrange, and sort!!  Just the putting things BACK were they go can take a REALLY long time.  But, I am always happy that I do...when I need it I will know were to find it.  

We are beginning a study of the Patriarchs:  Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.    I knew I wanted a Bulletin Board that was EXCITING to look, even while of vacation I was thinking about this Bulletin Board.  

I knew I wanted 3D tents!!! So, I began with WHAT I HAD on hand.  I had some old bed sheets in that tan/khaki color...(I buy old sheets in tan, blue, army green, etc. at Thrift Stores.  They are great for projects like these.)   

I also, had an used tri-fold Science Project board. (I never throw those things away.)  I decided to cut the board up and use it to make the "TENT" shape...the roof and side walls are made from the project board.   The back of the tent is the cut up sheets...I just overlaid the sheets on top of the "tent" shape and started hot gluing.    To give it the authentic TENT FEEL---I added some white yarn for "tie downs"  and cut dowel pieces for tent pegs. I am pleased with how they turned out.

I drew the Bible Characters...By the way, I have to look at other drawings to, I just found some of the Bible "CHARACTERS" we had in our church supply room and mimicked them.  Then added the IMPORTANT information to the board.  

Just so you know, the bottom of the BULLETIN BOARD is covered with SANDPAPER.  It give the Bulletin Board some "realistic" texture.  The palm tree was purchased at Dollar Tree--a few years back.  I know they always seem to have Palm Tree type items during Spring/Summer time.  The stars we had on hand--they came straight out of the church's supply room.    

The KIDDOS were really excited when they saw the Bulletin Board!!  That makes really happy!!!!   



  1. These are so cute. I would love to hear more about the lesson - what visuals you used, word wall words, etc.

  2. The story of the prophets in the Quran is for Mahamati Prannath.

    औलाद याकूब कहया इसहाक , इनों का कबीला है पाक |
    "Jacob (or Imam Mahdi Mahamati Prannath) was the (godly) son of Issac (or Devchandra Mehta) whose tribe of followers has been said holy."

  3. Where did you get your Abraham "tent" project?