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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Memory Verse Tracker

I try to come up with fun and exciting ways to TRACK the KIDDOS Memory Verses. 

  Well, this is what I decided to do this quarter.

The KIDDOS will be earning a CRAFT STICK each having their Memory Verse Memorized!!!

The containers were donated to our classroom. They are similar to crystal light containers--but, they are a different brand.    I think they might be Great Value brand.   

The CRAFT STICK fit PERFECTLY inside these containers!!!  I was soooo excited.  

The lids are a great way of keeping the KIDDOS MEMORY VERSE STICKS contained!!    

I wanted the KIDDOS to be able to keep these close to, I used a hole punch and punched a hole in the containers and they are hanging on the back of the KIDDOS chairs.   The hooks are COMMAND permanent damage.  :-) 

To JAZZ up the Memory Verse Trackers the KIDDOS will be adding GLITTERING, PUFFY STAR STICKERS.   I thought the STARS went along with the LESSONS about Abraham.  :-)  

Ready for class...OUR newest MEMORY VERSE is on display and the KIDDOS Memory Verse Sticks are sitting right in front of the display....  I am sure they will have the Memory Verse Memorized by next Sunday...they were SINGING it OVER and OVER and OVER again.  :-)  

I love turning free/cheap items into useful Bible Class Materials.  



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  1. Ronda,
    I just found your blog a few weeks ago and I'm soooo glad the Lord led me here! You have so many useful classroom ideas and storage solutions that I want to put into practice in my own Sunday School class. I teach girls who range in ages from 11 to 17 years old. Even though alot of these lessons are geared toward a younger crowd, I still can adapt them to what I need. Thank you so much for all of the hard work you are doing. :)
    Gaela Lashley