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Monday, June 2, 2014

Bible Facts Review Stick!! Days of Creation

We are WORKING on BASIC BIBLE FACTS. We have a once a month class called "ROCK"  for our KIDDOS.  "ROCK" stands for InRiching Our Children's Knowledge.  During the ROCK class the KIDDOS have the opportunity to say their memory verses, tell what they have been doing in their class, share their answers to the weekly Bible Detective Question, and review BASIC BIBLE Facts. With that being said, several of us teachers have decided to BUILD our KIDDOS BASIC BIBLE FACTS Knowledge.  So, we began brainstorming about some FUN ways to excite the KIDDOS  to memorize their Basic Bible Facts.  

Our first set of BASIC BIBLE FACTS assigned were the DAYS of CREATION.  So, I decided to make a FUN review stick for the KIDDOS.       

I have a bunch of these screw on caps....I save them from milk cartons, juice cartons, cream cartons, etc.   I thought they would be PERFECT for my idea.

I coded each cap with a circle picture to represent each Day of Creation.   I then hot glued the threaded "neck" of the cap assembly to the paint paddles.  I added a numbered DOT sticker to the inside of each of the cap assembly pieces. 

The KIDDOS will have to screw each lid onto the CORRECT number....for example:  The lid that had the LIGHT (yellow circle inside a black circle) will be screwed onto the neck with the number 1 sticker inside it.  

The KIDDOS did this activity recently and LOVED it!!!!!  They can't WAIT to be able to take them home and SHARE them with their families!!!!!  

As soon as they can tell me the events of each Day of Creation they will be allowed to add a Pennant Link to their Toucan.  I'll share more about their Toucan tomorrow.  



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