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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Memorizing Bible Facts Motivational Bulletin Board on a Door

 I shared with you, yesterday, our desire to reinforce the KIDDOS Basic Bible Facts knowledge.   Our congregation is working with our KIDDOS and expects them to be able to Memorize their Basic Bible Facts.  So, that left it up to us teachers to come up with MOTIVATIONAL ideas for our KIDDOS.  

I decided to go with a Toucan Motif.   Since the only SPACE, I had to spare was the back of out door...I decided to just go for it and make it work.  I am happy with how it turned out and it does not take up a  lot of space.  :-) 

 I found the big Toucan at the Dollar Tree!!!!  The title says, YOU, "TOO CAN" MEMORIZE BIBLE FACTS!

In order to TRACK their SUCCESS the KIDDOS will be adding a LINK to their TOUCAN.  Each of the LINKS will have a PENNANT  on it....So, it will help me keep track of WHICH KIDDO knows WHICH BIBLE FACTS.  

I think the KIDDOS will LOVE this TRACKING system.    The LITTLE Toucans came from the Dollar Tree. I found them in the Teacher/School Supply area.   The "CRYSTAL" links came from the Dollar Tree.  I found them in the GIRLS TOY area.  

I will continue to take pictures of the KIDDOS progress!!!  I am excited to see how quickly their chain links grow down the door!!!  




  1. Are you doing this Bible Fact review/memorization in addition to another lesson? I'm trying to get an idea of how you do your Bible review of previous lessons - even those taught a long time ago. Do you still review? So many of my children are coming to church with no information, and by their age, I'm not sure they will ever hear the Creation story, or Noah.

  2. We are doing this in addition to our NEW LESSONS...that way the KIDDOS do not forget what they had already learned.