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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ten Commandments Song (Per Request)

 I recently had a request for me to POST  the tune to this song.  We sang this song A LOT when we were learning about MOSES.   

The KIDDOS loved singing this song and quickly memorized the Ten Commandments.  This became a weekly requested song.  :-)  

I LOVE to teach BIBLE STORIES via Songs...The KIDDOS seem to retain so much more of the story when there is a SONG to go along with the story.  I have found singing Bible Stories, Facts, Truths, etc. to be very beneficial   

(BTW, YOU can sing this to a RAP STYLE BEAT...Older KIDDOS seem to REALLY love singing it THAT way.) 

If you are interested in ordering a Song Book please send me an email.  Each Songbook comes with 2 CD's.  1 Old Testament Songs and 1 New Testament Songs.    I can email you an "Order Form."




  1. I love it! I'll have to remember this when we get to this part of the Bible again.

  2. Thanks Diana...We LOVE to sing around here. :-)

  3. Would love to see the order form. Can you send me a copy? Thanks

  4. Would love to see the order form as well. Can you send me a copy.

  5. Please send me an order form

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  7. Hi, Ronda. Please send me an order form at your earliest convenience. I really need a copy of your Ten Commandments song on CD, if possible.

  8. Hi Ronda,
    Could you please send me an order form, also? I would really appreciate it! I loved your Ten Commandments Song! However, I'm serving a Lutheran Church, so I adapted it to help my Confirmation students learn the Ten Commandments as Luther taught them.
    Deb Valentine