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Friday, September 21, 2012

New Attendance Charts for Autumn

With Autumn quickly approaching, I decided to do an Autumn Themed attendance board.  I am thrilled with how it turned out.   

The board Title reads:  "Fall" In  For Bible Class!             
I LOVE the Autumn Colors...and I LOVE how excited the KIDDOS get when there are CHANGES in the room.   It is AMAZING how "little" changes RENEW EXCITEMENT!!

Since the KIDDOS will add a LEAF to their attendance card every time they attend Bible Class these TREES should fill in quickly.  (I WILL MAKER SURE TO TAKE PICS AS THEIR TREES "FILL" IN WITH LEAVES.) 

The autumn trees were made from paper (lunch size) sacks.   Super easy to make and I love the 3D look!   3D items are always SOOO much more exciting to KIDDOS.  They LOVE the EXTRA Special look and feel to 3D items and visuals.  It is worth the few EXTRA minutes to do something 3D.            

I love how they POP off the wall. 
 I think they turned out really cute...and they were so simple to make!!! 

I am looking forward to seeing the BEAUTIFUL COLORS these trees will have as the KIDDOS fill up these trees with FALL COLORED LEAVES.  I also, LOVE the fact the EACH LEAF THE KIDDOS ADD...WILL BE A BEAUTIFUL REMINDER OF THEIR ATTENDANCE TO BIBLE CLASS.  Attendance Charts do Have a Purpose!

BTW, these are the LEAVES the KIDDOS will be adding to their TREE.  I purchased them at HOBBY LOBBY...and they were on sale 40% off!!!




  1. This is really brilliant! God blessed you with this very good talent! Continue to serve the Lord and others with this awesome talent...Thanks for sharing...


  2. I have a question about the Bible Times Divisions Posters under the attendance charts. I can't find them in any of the links to the right of the screen. I would like to know what they say, and is that cereal boxes you have behind them? =) What a great idea for bringing things out from the wall! Please, any info on these would be appreciated!