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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Trash Into Treasure....Solomon's Temple

OK, as you know we have been under some strange weather here in Oklahoma.  Matter-of-fact, we spent some time in our Tornado shelter this morning at 2:30.  I am thankful we have a shelter.    But, on with the story...  My darling hubby will be preaching a Gospel Meeting in another Oklahoma town this week.  So, I  wanted him to buy a weather radio to carry to the hotel with him.  Better to be prepared...IS MY MOTTO!!! 

So, to put his nervous wife at ease...he went to Walmart and bought himself a portable weather radio.  :)    When he unpacked the radio, this packaging was around the ends of the radio... I literally squealed..."LOOK SOLOMON'S TEMPLE."  My very loving and patient hubby....responded.  "You can have the packing material from the box."  I love the gifts he gives me.  :)    

I was busy most of the day, prepping my classroom for Sunday....prepping our Tornado shelter....and prepping my hubby's Suits, Ties, Shirts, etc.  But, I took a few minutes to paint one of these "Temples" to share with you.  

I have not done any DETAIL painting...but, just painting it GOLD makes it look MORE like Solomon's Temple.  :)

I am looking forward to using this during my lessons on Solomon.  I have another "Temple" Model that I will be using...but, this one can sit on the 3D visual  table...and the KIDDOS can have the Hebrews come to the Temple.  Believe me....If I could find 8 of these cardboard Temples....I would have each of my KIDDOS make a Temple as a Take Home Project....Just can't justify buying 4 Weather Alert Radios.  LOL

My encouragement to you is this....BEFORE YOU THROW IT AWAY....THINK!  Ask yourself, "Can I reuse, re-purpose, or remake this TRASH into something that will help me teach a BIBLE LESSON, STORY or VIRTUE? 





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  2. What a great idea! I love that.

  3. Praying for your safety in tornado alley! My husband and I grew up in North Texas, right in the heart of tornado alley, so we remember well the storm shelter nights.

    Love the temple idea! My husband has many electronics boxes from work, so this looked very familiar to me right away. Thank you!!


  4. I love this! Whenever we find things that are a little unusual, Kevin will still say, "do you think Ronda could use this for a class project?" :D You have a reputation!

    1. PL Love that Kevin!! Good to see you're on here! I just found this blog!!!

  5. Lol!!!! I am glad to know that you guys think of me!!!! (((HUGS))). I do love unusual things!!!

  6. Lol!!!! I am glad to know that you guys think of me!!!! (((HUGS))). I do love unusual things!!!

  7. Hi Ronda,

    What kind of paint did you use? Acrylic?

    I love your website. I started teaching Sunday School this summer and I've been on a lot of websites looking for ideas and examples. I love how straight forward and clear you are with the children, and just want to quickly thank you for sharing your experience and ideas online. Totally inspiring!