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Friday, April 13, 2012

David & Psalms 23

Our lesson this Sunday is focusing on David being a "MAN after GOD'S HEART!" 

We are going to be learning about the Psalms that David wrote.  We will talk about a few of the Psalms...but, our primary focus will be on the beloved 23 Psalm.  

I want the KIDDOS to understand the LOVE, TRUST, DEVOTION, GRATITUDE and PRAISE that David had for GOD.  The Psalms are a wonderful way of seeing these attributes in David's life. 

Since our focus is on Psalms 23, I decided the KIDDOS will be making a Sheep for their TAKE HOME project.  These are made from white fluffy yarn, cardstock and black chenille sticks.    I PRE MADE the PUFF balls,  for the body, and attached the legs ....that way during class the kiddos will be coloring the face and heart and gluing them onto the sheep's body.   (I used white fluffy yarn for the sheep's body.  I wrapped the yarn around some cardboard, secured the yarn, then cut the yarn to make a pom pom.)  You could probably use LARGE Manufactured Pom Poms...but, I could not find any BIG enough to make me happy.    If you look closely at these pics, you can tell the legs are made from popsicle sticks. However, after making my prototype---I decided that black chenille sticks would work better.  So, I decided to change out the legs....I am much happier.  

You have probably figured out our Memory Verse....even before looking at this.  I think this verse is a PERFECT choice.  We will sing this verse a few times before the Kiddos leave class this Sunday.  I figure they will all have it memorized before they even leave the classroom.  :)

 We will NOT have a NEW place to add to our MAP.  But, we will be referring to the MAP during the lesson.  BTW, I thought I would share with you one of the ways I review a past lesson.  All those pics around the map are from our Explorer Journal Activities.  I also display the Memory Verses next to the pics.  Makes it easy to review a story or past memory verse if I keep them on display. 

A while back, I purchased this banner at our local Bible bookstore.  It was on clearance for  $1.19!!  I thought this would be a perfect time to display this....since we are focusing on Psalms 23. 

Our review game will be Psalm 23 Bingo.  The Kiddos will answer a question from the story and then get to pull a card....Then they will MARK their Bingo Card with a Sheep Marker. 


Each of the BINGO cards have the SAME pictures....They are just in different places on the cards.  So, each time a card is picked....the every on of the KIDDOS will get to add a sheep to their card. 

The Sheep Markers were CUPCAKE Picks, that I purchased at Hobby Lobby. (I bought them WAY before Easter....using my 40% off coupons.)  They were NOT very expensive to begin with...I think they were around a $1.49 for 30.   I just cut them off and glued them to 1/2 of a Styrofoam ball.  (I made 100 of these markers....first, because I wanted the Kiddos to have a THEMED style marker for their Bingo Card....but, also because I am thinking of the lesson on the LOST SHEEP.---I would need 100 of them for that, I decided to make these to fill that future need.) 

Our EXPLORER JOURNAL Activity, which we will do NEXT Sunday...when we REVIEW the lesson...Is a HAND PRINT Sheep.  This Sunday, I will have my helper trace the KIDDO'S hand on black construction paper...I will cut them out the following week...prior to BIBLE Class. 

During Class the Kiddos will color the back ground...glue on their hand print.  Add Cotton to their hand print.  Glue on an eye and a bow.  We will help add the detail...mouth and feet!! 

I really like this idea....because, the Kiddos will ALWAYS know that their Little Hand Print made the body of their sheep!!!  

One EXTRA activity....I am going to encourage my Wednesday Night Co-Teacher to work with the Kiddos....I want them to be able to recite the 23 Psalm....So, as a way of encouraging the KIDDOS we will use the SHEEP PUPPETS (I bought them at the Dollar Tree...before Easter.) to RECITE the 23 Psalm.  We have a puppet for each of the KIDDOS and a few extra for our Honored Guest....if we are blessed to have visitors this next week.  Kiddos really like puppets....and I think this is a great way to encourage them to LEARN the 23 Psalm. 

I am excited about this next few weeks.  I LOVE Psalms 23!!!!  I am glad we will be covering this lesson on Sunday....You see we are in TORNADO Warning Mode here in Oklahoma.....Everyone is on edge this weekend....So, I am reciting this Psalm to myself and my KIDDOS.  Praying GOD will give us peace and comfort through these storms.  




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  1. We ran across your amazing lesson on Pinterest. Do you happen to have a download for the Bingo game? We would love to use it for our Sunday class.