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Friday, April 27, 2012

Solomon Asks For Wisdom

Our next lesson is about Solomon being crowned KING.  Our focus during this lesson will be focused upon Solomon's request for WISDOM.    We will be looking at the IMPORTANCE of WISDOM and how we get WISDOM today.    

As you can tell from the picture on the left...we have added a few facts about Solomon to his crown....At the end of this quarter we are going to have a MAJOR review of the first 3 KINGS of Israel....We will scramble all those fact cards that are currently in those "re-purposed tissue boxes" on the floor and see if the kiddos can remember which KING is which. 

Because I believe this is the BEST way to make sure the KIDDOS understand what they learn.....We always have our Who? What? When? Where? Where? Why? and How does this effect me? cards.  We review them as we go through the story...and then again at the end of the story. 

Since the focus of the lesson is on Solomon's request for WISDOM...I decided that the KIDDOS would make a BIBLE bookmark as their "Take Home" project.    They can color it anyway they would like....I have made 2 different colors of tassels...Yellow or Blue.  I will have my helper laminate and trim the bookmarks for the KIDDOS while we do our REVIEW GAME.

We will be adding two new words to our WORD WALL...  I felt these were IMPORTANT words for the KIDDOS to understand....So, we will introduce the words, explain the definition, then add them to our WORD WALL. 

Our Memory Verse comes from Proverbs 3:13....We will sing the memory verse to the tune:  "Rockin My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham".   The KIDDOS impress me with their ability to MEMORIZE these verses....we have had 100% participation and memorization this quarter!!!!

Our Review Game this week...does not come with a picture....because, we are going to be playing "SOLOMON SAYS."  My plan is to play it like Simeon Says...EXCEPT....the KIDDOS will have to answer a question from the lesson before they get to be "SOLOMON" for a turn.   I will start as "SOLOMON"  saying, "Solomon says, hop on your right foot....etc."  Then once we have one KIDDO that gets "OUT" then I will ask a question from the story...the KIDDO that answers it will get to then be "SOLOMON."  

This is a picture of our PEOPLE, PLACE and EVENT Chart....These questions are usually not they type of questions that you can give a one word answer too.  These questions normally ask the KIDDOS, "WHAT DO YOU KNOW?  OR "WHAT CAN YOU TELL ME?"  OR "WHAT DO YOU REMEMBER?"  ETC.  I like knowing WHAT the KIDDOS really think about these REAL EVENTS that took place in the BIBLE. 

Next Sunday, when we REVIEW this lesson we will be doing our EXPLORER JOURNAL activity....I struggled coming up with an activity for the KIDDOS this time...SO, I decided we would FOCUS on the WORD WISDOM!!!  The KIDDOS will COLOR the LETTERS of the WORD WISDOM and then stick them on the WORD "WISDOM" on the Explorer Journal Page.  They will be sticking them to some FOAM stickers that will elevate the letters from the the word a 3D effect.  The KIDDOS will really enjoy the fact that they are going to get to color these with MARKERS....Markers are a "SPECIAL OCCASION" event in our classroom....or, at least the KIDDOS think so.  LOL!!!

We are quickly coming to the end of this quarter's material....We only have 4 weeks left.  I cannot believe how quickly time goes by....My plan is to continue writing material on the Divided Kingdom....That is going to be very exciting and yet challenging all at once....I will keep you updated on the progress.  



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