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Friday, March 19, 2010

Memorial Stones

This past Sunday we learned about the story of the Memorial Stones.  The stones were picked up from the midst of the Jordan River, from the place where the Priest feet had stood.    Joshua picked 12 men (one from each tribe) to pick up a rock out of the Jordan and carry it on his shoulders all the way to Gilgal.  The rocks were then turned into a Memorial for the Hebrews.  The stones would help remind the Hebrews of all that God had done for them.  

The children made a Diorama as their "Take Home" project.  They LOVED gluing on the 12 stones.  I had already glued the back ground into the shoe box...this helps save a bit of time.  I also asked member to donate shoe boxes months ago.  That way I was insured to have enough shoe boxes for this project.  

Our Memory Verse this week was Joshua 4:7.   We sang the Memory Verse to the tune: "If you're happy and you know it..."  The kiddos did great with the Memory Verse.

For a "Review Game" I had paper mache rocks that the children had the opportunity to pick up and carry on their shoulder to our "Gilgal."  They were soooo cute carrying them on their shoulders, pretending that they were soooo heavy.    They had to answer a question from the Bible story before going to pick up a rock from the "midst" of the "Jordan."  Then they brought the stone over to the other side of the room, by carrying it on their shoulder, and placed it in the pile.  We made our version of a "Memorial."  They had a great time.

On Wednesday Evening the children made a version of a "Memorial" out of 12 stones...This project is in their Explorer Journal.  They are heavy and had to be made of cardstock paper to help support...however, I still suggest you be careful lifting this.   They children loved their "Memorial Stones."


  1. Can you send me a copy of these worksheets? the memory verse and the one of the diorama? I love it

  2. How do we get the printable's for this?