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Friday, March 5, 2010

Crossing the River Jordan

This week we are learning about the Hebrews Crossing the Jordan River. This is such an AMAZING story. God stops the Jordan River from flowing...allowing the Hebrews to safely cross on dry ground. For a visual this week I am using my paper dolls from and home made "Ark of the Covenant." I made my Jordan River out of yellow and blue poster board. It is a simple thing to make and has such a great effect.

The children will be making a stand up picture of the Hebrews crossing over the Jordan.

Our Memory Verse comes from Joshua 3:17...of course we will have a song to sing with this Memory Verse. I love putting Memory Verses to a tune...It make them easier to memorize.

On Wednesday Evening the children will be making this picture of the Jordan River...they will color the front and then add the "water" behind the picture. The water is a metallic tissue paper I found at the local Dollar was in the gift wrapping area.

We will be playing a review game called "Crossing the Jordan." However, at this time I do not have a picture to post. It is basically the "Take Home" activity and a game board..the children will answer questions for an opportunity to move the Hebrews across the Jordan. I will post a picture as soon as possible.



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  1. Your Sunday School lessons are adorable! Thank you for sharing :)
    Judy Jowers