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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This past Sunday we learned about the story of the conquering of Jericho. We made the "Rams" horns as our "Take Home" Activity.  The horns were made before class (see previous post).  During class the children added the chenille stick around the mouth piece and were allowed to color and decorate their horn any way they wanted.    We also used these horns during the review game...but, more on that later.  The kids LOVED these horns.  They were soooo excited about getting to show their parents their "Rams" horn.  

Our memory verse this week was from the book of Proverbs.  We said and sang the memory verse several times during class...and I am sure they will have it memorized by Wednesday. 

Our Review Game was a BLAST (the kiddos were allowed to blow their horns during this game.) I had the children draw card from a pile...if they picked a "Trumpet Carrying Priest" then they were a horn blower....if they picked the "Ark of the Covenant" then they had to follow behind the horn blowers as we marched around "Jericho."  The children had to answer a question from the story in order to pick a 

This "Review Game" board from the Rahab story served as our Wall of Jericho. We marched around it a total of 13 times...(1 time for each of 6 days and then 7 times for day 7.)  Then the kids blew their horns and shouted.   Because this is a poster board type game board, I was able to let the wall fall flat.  Their expressions were priceless...I love getting them excited about Bible stories.

On Wednesday the children will be making this project for the Explorer Journal.  The horns are Bugles (from the grocery stores chip aisle.)  I coated them with a thick coating of modge podge and let them air dry for several days.  They have become extremly hard and I believe will hold up well in their Explorer Journal...I love the arm on the one has motion by adding a brad...I love activities that have the kids do several things with their hands... I believe it will help them remember the story very well.



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  1. Hi there, my Sunday school class is going to be doing Jericho's wall tomorrow. Could you tell me how you made the ram's horn?