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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Working on Ideas that do NOT go along with my current topic.,

I love to work on Bible Materials. I spend a lot of time thinking about how to impress the Word of God upon the hearts and minds of children.

I write Bible songs, write materials, work on review games, work on visuals, and bulletin boards ideas all the time. I keep a notebook on me at all times. I am constantly sketching out ideas and plans. I may be teaching through the book of Exodus at the current time...but, I am always thinking about other Bible stories and facts. This helps keep the creative juices flowing.

I had these pieces of packing material in my "Treasure Closet." I knew I was going to make a Bible City or Tower out of them. I had saved them to show them at a Workshop that I was teaching, so I had not done anything productive with them.

The other day, I had a spare 10 minutes and decided to put them to uses. I went ahead and glued them together for the beginning stages of a Tower of Babel or Bible Time Temple. I have not decided completely yet. I know I have the stories of the building of the Temple coming in the future....So I am leaning towards them becoming a Temple. However, in the current state...they would make a great Tower of Babel....Just a little detailing needed.

This was a free VISUAL to make....The materials came in a box as packing materials. Normally, you would probably throw the packing materials away....but, think before you pitch it in the trash. Ask yourself, "Could this work for a visual aid, activity, review game, etc?"

If you are always thinking about Bible Stories it will help you come up with ideas to teach the stories.

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