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Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's OK to change your mind sometimes.

I was struggling this past few days with the activities for the lesson on Moses and Aaron appeal to Pharaoh. The activities I had come up with were just to similar to one another. So, I began thinking and praying. I NEVER want my kids to be BORED in class.

So, on Saturday it finally hit me. I decided the kiddos could make a "SERPENT." I began running ideas through my mind. I knew I had paper, foam, eyes, glue, etc. on hand. So, I began designing. I thought about using Circle shapes. (Decided they would look like worms.) Thought about Ovals. Thought they looked a bit like caterpillars. Tried the diamond shape and LOVED it.

This serpent was super easy to design. I made the diamond shape on my publishing program. I typed the verse on the diamonds. Printed and copied on card stock. Then colored, glued on a tongue that I had cut from red foam sheet. Added googly eyes...made the eyes stickers and pop up by attaching them to double sided (sticky) foam dots. Then attached all the diamonds with brads.

I think the kids will love this activity.

So, now I will use the activity I had planned to use this Sunday for their Explorer Journal Activity on Wednesday.

Happy Teaching.

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