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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Encouraging you to teach.

I want to make a plea to all of the women who have thought about teaching a Bible class, but don't.
Teaching Bible class is truly a blessing to you as a teacher. You learn so much while prepping for class. The study time you put in will not only benefit your students but, will also benefit YOU! And the pure love that children have for God, Jesus, the Bible, God's Creation, etc. will touch your life forever.
I have been brought to tears by a child's prayer. I have been caused to smile brightly, because of a child's "light-bulb" moment. I have been encouraged to study more to be better informed and ready to answer my students questions.
But, one of the biggest blessing that comes through being a Bible class teacher is felt the day one of your students commits their life to Christ. The day you see a young person, that you have taught as a child, stand before the congregation and make their confession of belief in Christ and then follow that confession by obedience to God through Baptism is a day of great rejoicing. You will be so humbled and grateful that you had the opportunity to be one of His/Her Bible class teachers.
Children need good Bible class teachers. Children need dedicated Bible class teachers. Children need encouraging Bible class teachers. Children need YOU to be the best Bible Class Teacher You Can Be. Do your part of teaching God's Word....Teach a Child's Bible Class.

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  1. Do you have any visual ideas and/or take home crafts that will add to teaching our preschoolers about baptism.