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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Baby Moses story came to life today

Today we began our new material. We are Exploring the book of Exodus. The children were amazed as they walked in the door and found "baby Moses" floating on the "river Nile" in our classroom. They were immediately excited about what we were going to be doing in class today.

I did not change our "sequence of events" during class time. We started with attendance, then prayer, then Bible facts and songs, then STORY TIME, and then take home activity time, introduce their new memory verse, Review game, gather all belongings, hugs and bye. We are busy from the minute they walk into the classroom.

The students loved the Take Home activity....even the boys like their little baby Moses. And they all LOVED playing the review game, "Moving Moses Up the River." They all had an opportunity to be "Miriam" watching over Moses....they answered a question and then got to move Moses and the basket up the "river."

I love to see the children get excited about learning Bible stories.....and today the smile spoke sooo loudly to me heart. I thank God that I was able to be there today and see their excitement. My prayer is that they will always be excited about learning Bible truths.

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